Now casting: FOX’s 'The Resident' pilot seeking therapist and more | Atlanta film jobs



Are you ready to make your mark on Atlanta's film and TV industry? Are you the next Tyler Perry? ATL is in need of young stars. Check out the Peach City's latest casting call for your chance at fame.

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The medical drama pilot airs on Fox and will star Matt Czuchry of CBS’s “The Good Wife,” who will portray a tough senior resident. Devon Pravesh also stars as an idealistic young doctor.

What are they looking for?

The following roles are being cast:

  • Physical therapist: Women in their 20s-40s who have real medical experience as a physical therapist
  • Patient: A Caucasian male, 35-45, to portray a patient being operated on. You must be able to lie still for long periods of time.
  • 5-year-old girl with cancer: Child should be five years old and must be registered with Central Casting or have a valid photo ID.
  • Hot females: Attractive women who are model types, age 18-39. You'll be shown in a photo.
  • Latino family: Latino men, women and children – can submit as a family or individually
  • Indian woman: A few Indian women to wear saris.
  • Upscale woman: Caucasian female, late 40s-60s, to portray an upscale woman in pearls
  • Caucasian family – Male and female, age 25-30s, to portray brother and sister
  • Indian family – Indian men age 18-60 and Indian women 45-60 to portray family members in still photos

When are they filming?

Filming will take place in Atlanta starting March 20 through April 5, with the exact dates to be determined.

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How much does it pay?

Pay is $175 for 12 hours of work for physical therapist roles and $64 for eight hours for all other roles listed.

How do I submit?

Send an email to with the role you're submitting for in the subject line. Include your name, phone number, height, weight, sizes, city location and photos. If you're submitting for a physical therapist role, include your experience, and if you're submitting for an Indian woman role, include whether you own an elegant sari.

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