Viewers using antennas need to ‘rescan’ September 6

Originally posted Thursday, September 5, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Households that use digital antennas to access free over-the-air TV channels will need to “rescan” their devices because nearly 1,000 channels nationwide are changing frequencies Friday.

In Atlanta, that includes Channel 2 WSB-TV, the CW69 and Peachtree TV (17).

It's the same scan that was done when you set up the antenna the first time and requires no new equipment. Instructions are usually available by pressing the "setup" or "menu" buttons on the remote control. This move is happening behind the scenes, so the channel number viewers see will not change. (Go here for more info.)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year held an auction to reallocate TV broadcast airwaves for wireless internet broadband service, forcing these changes.

An estimated 16 million households or 14 percent of household now use digital antennas to access free broadcast TV channels. That's nearly double what it was in 2010, according to a 2018 report from Nielsen.

This is because more people are cutting the cord or simply not signing up for cable and satellite subscriptions. Some choose to just use the antennas while others supplement them with streaming services.

Free over-the-top channels in Atlanta include WSB-TV, 11Alive, CBS46, Fox 5, Peachtree TV, the CW69, MyATL36, Bounce TV, Court TV, PBA30 and GPB8.

Here is the entire list of Atlanta stations that will change frequencies;

  • WSB-TV (ABC affiliate Ch2)
  • WKTB-TV (Telemundo47)
  • WUVG-DT (Univision34)
  • WUPA-TV (CW69)
  • WATC-TV (Ch57)
  • WSKC-CD (Ch22)
  • WPXA-TV (Ch14)
  • WIRE-CD (Ch40)
  • WPCH-TV (Ch17)
  • WHSG-TV (Ch63)
  • WYGA-CD (Ch16)
  • WANN-CD (Ch29)