TLC brings back 'Trading Spaces' and seeks Atlanta homeowners

This was posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

TLC's groundbreaking house rehab show "Trading Spaces" is coming back and producers are seeking Atlanta home owners.

The show debuted in 2000 in the early days of the reality TV boom and was a success for the network as it transitioned from a more academic approach toward programming to infotainment. "Trading Spaces" ran for eight years, featuring people willing to allow neighbors to redesign one of their rooms on a limited budget. Paige Davis hosted many of the seasons.

Today, TLC announced Davis will return in 2018 and the upcoming season will feature homeowners in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Baltimore.

ExploreYou can sign up via

The requirements are as follows:

All applicants must meet the below requirements:

  • Participants (neighbors) must submit 2 pairs (teams) that wish to trade spaces.
  • Participants must have a room in their home they are willing to have renovated/decorated at the discretion of the designer assigned to their space.
  • Participants must be residents of the home they wish to trade.
  • Participants must own the home they wish to trade.
  • Teams must live no further than 1/4 mile from one another, with preference to those that live next door to one another.

I checked in with former cast member and Atlanta designer Vern Yip. He declined to comment, which makes me think he will be involved in some capacity.