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'The Walking Dead' 100th episode special: six most annoying characters

Posted by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

With the the eighth season return of "The Walking Dead" October 22 when it hits its 100th episode, I'm celebrating with a series of TWD-related listicles and stories.

Yesterday, I posted "The Walking Dead" A to Z. 

Today, in my humble opinion, here are the six most annoying characters ever on the show:

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6. Andrea.  She was infamous for making poor decisions. She was suicidal season one after her daughter died and she barked a lot at Dale. She almost killed Daryl with a shotgun season two, thinking she was a walker. She preferred Shane over Rick. She spent eight months with Michonne, who saved her life. But after just a few days in Woodbury, she ditched Michonne in favor of the Governor. She almost redeemed herself season three when she realized the Governor was evil and tried to kill him. But she failed. The Governor left her in a room with a dying Milton, who he expected would reanimate and kill her instead. He actually left her pliers before he died to save herself. But nope. She waited too long to get them and zombie Milton bit her instead. Her final choice? Suicide.

5- Spencer Monroe. The not-so-prodigal son of Woodbury leader Deanna was filled with petulance, selfishness and later, revenge and a thirst to overthrow Rick. Early on, his attitude was justified, still upset that his brother had died before Rick arrived. Later, he blamed Rick for his father's accidental death. And while he did kill a Wolf trying to enter Alexandria via truck, the honk drew a horde of walkers. Spencer convinced other residents not to raid the pantry but the gallant move was more about keeping food and alcohol for himself. Later, he tried to draw the walkers away by rappelling over them but nearly died falling. He shacked up with Rosita, simply a rebound move on her part after Abraham dumped her. At one point, after he told Gabriel he wished Rick were dead, even the pastor couldn't take the dude and booted him out of the car. Once Spencer discovered Rick had ransacked his home and found his cache of stuff, he sidled up to Negan and offered to "take over." Negan figured this kid wanted Negan to do his dirty work and said he had "no guts." Instead, he literally gutted Spencer. Somehow, this death felt well deserved.

4- Carl. This is not Chandler Riggs' fault. It's just the way he's been written. His annoying qualities stem from being a kid trying to grapple with the zombie world and making dumb choices. (He's has plenty of defenders, too.) He was especially aggravating the first few seasons when he was trying to understand how to navigate this crazy world and getting in trouble. His inability to kill a walker led to the walker killing Dale. He shot a Woodbury resident in cold blood. He whined a lot.  He said nasty things to his dad at times. All in all, he was a moody teenager. Also, his crush on Enid has been wickedly awkward but when has he ever had a chance to develop social skills? More recently, he somewhat redeemed himself through his suicidal effort to kill Negan. Oddly, his pure (eye?)ballsiness is what kept him alive. And he gets points for surviving not just one - but two - bullets. So on an annoyance scale, he's gone from migraine-inducing to merely eye rolling.

3- Lori Grimes, Rick's wife. She played some negative tropes on the show as the woman who quickly slept with her husband's best friend on the presumption her husband was dead. (Oops! Not so.) Despite stating frequently how important her son Carl was, she spent just as much time wondering where the heck he went. And despite the dangers in a zombie apocalypse, she resisted allowing Carl to handle guns. She drove off at one point and crashed into a tree. She mocked Andrea for wanting to shoot walkers and stuff instead of, say, doing laundry. She played Shane and Rick against each other but clearly favored her husband in the end. Yet oddly, when Rick and Carl killed Shane, she got... angry?  Her death was tragic in a sense but then again, not so much.

2- Gabriel Stokes, preacher. Why the producers keep him around is a big question mark. He started out season five as a coward who hated Rick. But eventually, he made a 180 degree turn and now raves about how great Rick is at every turn. Fans have been expecting his demise almost from the moment he showed up on screen. Yet, he's still around. He came on the show without a great pedigree, locking himself in his church while letting his congregants die outside. He later told Deanna how evil Rick was. He one time absent-mindedly left the Alexandria gate open so walkers could enter. Oops! But the writers decided to make him a good guy, so much so that he learned how to fight walkers, was allowed to watch Rick's infant daughter Judith and even babysit Alexandria while he was gone. He covered for Maggie by pretending she was dead in front of Negan, even improvising a grave site. He later led Rick to the Scavengers. Does this transformation suddenly make him a great, fun character? No. As Negan said when he first meets him, "Holy crap! You are creepy as s***!" Then he noted his "creepy a** smile." Yep. Sometimes, Negan is right.

1- Gregory, leader of the Hilltop. He is clearly written as the accidental leader, a man who fell into this position and inexplicably held on. His negative qualities are supreme: his sexist attitudes, his inability to remember people's names and his desire to keep the peace with Negan at any price. He is basically insufferable. He showed zero gratitude when Maggie and Sasha saved the Hilltop after a Savior attack. He even tried to sell them out to Simon, Negan's flunky. He stole Glenn's watch and got deservedly punched in the face by Maggie. Later, he even considered killing Maggie but his basic cowardice stopped him. (That's a redeeming factor in a sense.) He couldn't even kill a walker by himself. Maggie had to do it for him. This class act was last seen going to the Sanctuary in an effort to stop the "insurgents," unaware that an all-out war was starting.

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