Starz renews 'Survivor's Remorse' after just one episode

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Starz, as a pay cable network, doesn't rely on ratings alone to decide if a show is worth bringing back.

It looks at quality and whether a particular program lifts that networks' brand. (Think HBO and its modestly rated "Girls").

In the case of Atlanta-based 'Survivor's Remorse," the ratings last Saturday for its debut was nothing impressive: 203,000 with a total of 275,000 after DVR usage up to three days. Including multi-platform play (on demand, online), it drew more than 1.3 million viewers.  The show also received very strong critical acclaim and positive social media imput.

That first episode was also made available for free on before it officially debuted.

The show will get 10 more episodes for its second season after producing six for season one. It shot in Atlanta and will continue to do so.

The 30-minute comedy is loosely based on LeBron James' life. It focuses on a pro basketball player who moves to Atlanta with a major contract that means huge bucks but also huge guilt in terms of the folks he left behind in Boston. His family is his "Entourage," so to speak.