“Real Housewives of Atlanta” recap: off to Tokyo, season 11, episode 12


Eva as hostess takes center stage for the first time

Originally posted Sunday, January 20, 2019 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Every year, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” takes its ladies on a big trip, sometimes overseas. The hope is that extended forced exposure will generate some bonus drama.

This year, Eva Marcille is the hostess and takes the entire cast to Tokyo in business class. That even includes two "friends" Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam. (Technically, RHOA pays for the trip, not Eva, but you have to run with it.)

Can this trip salvage an exceptionally boring season? This first hour had its moments but no.

Will Eva the Diva (ever) come out? She was annoyed by Porsha Williams calling her out last episode for throwing "shade," then denying it. (Porsha's examples focused on her making some negative comments about Cynthia Bailey and Shamea Morton.)

At a meal during the Tokyo trip, she called what Porsha said to her “character assassination” after saying “I thought we were friends!” A little defensive, eh, Eva? The diva is lurking just underneath her sheen of propriety.

“They are begging for Eva the Diva to come out,” she said.

But ultimately, we don’t see full-blown angry Eva. It’s more mildly peeved dismissive Eva.

“Guilty people don’t want to be labeled,” Porsha said to the cameras. “You fight right in, b****!”

“Porsha,” as NeNe said, “is calling Eva out on her s***.”

Marlo also heard Eva had said nasty things about her. Eva didn’t deny it but just dismissed her. “Girl, bye!”

But then we get Sad Eva because she finds out her grandfather had a heart attack. She is devastated and wants to go home. But she chooses to stay.


Pain: NeNe is having issues with her husband Gregg, suffering from cancer. She is feeling the pressure as caretaker. She looked forward to this trip to get a break. But she can't quite set herself free.

Their tour guide Anya warned them to be prompt. The next day, three of the ladies were late - including NeNe. But NeNe had the best excuse. She had had an argument with Gregg.

Later, she had said something that irritated Tanya about her finding the right person whoever that may be when Tanya said she was fully committed to her fiance. She thought NeNe was implying that wasn’t the case. NeNe got irritated because she said she meant nothing by it. Poking NeNe when she’s in this state of distress is not advised.

Kandi's hunger pangs: Her appetite is legion. So watching her blanch at unrecognizable Japanese fare is amusing.

Who's having a truly miserable time? Marlo. Her luggage never came! The horrors! 
Big announcement: Porsha finally spills the goods to all the ladies: she is pregnant. She is expected to have her baby this spring.

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