'Real Housewives of Atlanta' season 8 reunion part 2 recap: rumor mongering


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By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Sunday, March 27, 2016

The reunions continue, part two, with Porsha Williams spreading rumors and Kandi Burruss defending Kenya Moore, who played victim yet again.

Here are the four tensest face-offs from the episode:

Kenya vs. Porsha: Porsha thinks Kenya instigates stuff. Kenya thinks Porsha does likewise - and worse. But the two women don't get into a fight this year as they did two years ago.

Porsha: "You're always doing something that gets to physical fighting."

Kenya: "Three incidents regarding violence. You're the one with the problem."

Porsha then comes up with some "one-eyed African" with an eye patch Kenya supposedly dated. Kenya said she didn't know what she was talking about.

Later, Kenya said: "Unless there's a d*** in it, you don't even know what you're saying."

Porsha vs. Cynthia: They rehash the Lake Lanier boat fight where Cynthia dropkicked Porsha after Cynthia got too close to her. If you recall, a drunk Cynthia took Porsha's use of the b-word the wrong way. While taping, they had forgiven each other, but there were some new hurt feelings once they saw the episode. Cynthia was annoyed that Porsha told Phaedra Parks that she had bruises all over her body. Cynthia only hurt her in the abdomen. The other bruises came from the security guard trying to keep Porsha from attacking Cynthia.

Cynthia vowed that this was an isolated moment of violence for her. "I just turned 49," she said. "I never had a physical altercation in my life. It's an isolated incident. It will never happen again."

Later, Cynthia expressed annoyance that Porsha was spreading rumors about Peter cheating on her. Porsha said it's all over the Web and "all over Atlanta. Walk up to any girl who's 19 years old." Peter challenged her to name names if she thinks she knows anything.  She didn't. Cynthia insists that she and Peter are "in a good place." This despite the fact Peter spends most of his time in Charlotte while she works in Atlanta. Peter does say being on TV has made their marriage harder.

Kandi vs. Phaedra: Kandi does not think Phaedra should keep her sons away from Apollo, that he will get out of prison eventually. She thinks it's sad the youngest son doesn't even know Apollo. Phaedra did allow them to see him once but isn't sure if she will do so again. She is still going through with a divorce but Apollo isn't cooperating. She also said she isn't going to date until the divorce is final.

Kandi vs. all the ladies supporting Kenya about Glenn's threats during the Miami trip: While Porsha was downplaying Glenn's actions, both Kandi and Kenya felt he was over the line. Porsha claimed it was because Kandi was rejected by Glenn. Kenya took umbrage to that accusation. "Oh shut up!" Kenya said. "You're always trying to paint me like a wanton hussy." (Wanton hussy! Great phrase!) Kandi than said the other women were not supportive of Kenya because it's Kenya. (Kandi also felt threatened.)

"I'm the scapegoat," Kenya declared.

"Don't play the victim," Phaedra said.

Kandi then said the dude was saying crazy stuff, that Kenya was justified in kicking him out. The other women were silenced. "Why are you biting your tongues now?" Kandi said.

NEXT WEEK: NeNe shows up and starts insulting Kim Fields. And the dudes Todd Tucker, Peter Thomas and Christopher Morgan get some airtime. Chris battles rumors about being gay from Kenya.

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