'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion part 1 recap, season 6

Kenya uses a megaphone to make her point to Porsha on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." CREDIT: Bravo

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Kenya uses a megaphone to make her point to Porsha on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." CREDIT: Bravo

Porsha Williams got mad as hell and couldn't take Kenya Moore anymore.

So on tonight's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show, for the very first time on a reunion show, someone attacked another cast member. There have been threats before (think Lisa Wu Hartwell at Kim Zolciak season one) but this is the first time a woman got down and dirty.

What was the straw that broke Porsha's ability to control herself? Kenya accusing her of cheating on her now ex-husband Kordell Stewart, then using her megaphone to calling Porsha a "dumb ho."

We've known about this fight for more than two weeks, with news of it happening leaking out the day after the taping at the Biltmore in Midtown.

Now we got to see Porsha stand up and say she is going to **** Kenya up. Kenya stood up, too, with a prop megaphone in her hand.

Porsha grabbed Kenya by the hair and dragged her to the ground. The cameras cut away so it's unclear if Porsha did much else before Andy Cohen separated them. Kenya immediately stood up, clearly unharmed, and said she was going to get Porsha fired. "You're gone!" she said, before walking away.

"I'm not going to sit here and get hit, by someone on TV" Kenya said. "She goes or I go. She's crazy!"

Porsha lay on the ground and was immediately regretful of her actions. Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes came up to her and tried to calm her down.

"I can't believe I did that," Porsha bemoaned as NeNe placed her hands over Porsha's mouth. "I have embarrassed myself. I'm so embarrassed... I can't believe that ratchet ho made me go there."

A male friend carried her away, "An Officer and a Gentleman": style. Later, she added, "I can't be fake like that. I can't take it."

Andy apologized to Kenya, then went in to check on Porsha. She told Andy she "blacked out." "Violence is not the way," Andy said (while probably pondering the ratings bonanza forthcoming.).

He then sent her home like a six year old and told her to get some rest and apologize to Kenya later.

What led up to the attack? Simmering tensions that have built up throughout the season. Kenya had mocked Porsha's intelligence and accused her of being Kordell's "beard."

Kenya made it worse with her props. Last year, she had this fan. This year, she showed up with a scepter, which she waved imperiously at the other women, as if she were the queen bee. At one point, Porsha grabbed it away from her and threw it to the ground. "Bitch, don't point that at me!" she said. (Earlier, Phaedra threatened to wrap it around Kenya's neck.)

Kenya then returend to the theme of Porsha's stupidity by wondering if she could even spell the word scepter. Porsha's comeback won't win her any wittiness awards but it wasn't half bad: "You'll smell like a septic tank, bitch."

Porsha also said she felt Kenya played the victim all the time despite her bullying tactics. Of course, Kenya denied that.

She questioned Kenya's boyfriend story and said she had even heard Kenya had offered a friend $15,000 to be her boy toy. Kenya naturally  denied it.

Porsha came up with a good line here: "Your vagina is so rotten, nobody will claim you."

Then another classic, heard in the trailer: "You're a slut from the 1990s."

Everything else that hour was merely window dressing in comparison. Here are some highlights:

- Porsha came with some big twins. She recently had very fake breast implants put in and her dress only emphasized that.

- Is Kenya Moore's African tycoon boyfriend for real? He's never been to Atlanta and none of the ladies knew if he was genuine. ("Casper the friendly boyfriend," is how Phaedra dubbed him.) Kenya claimed she doesn't reveal her personal life to the world or some lame excuse like that. So what was the big Walter routine last year? Kenya said NeNe is the only one who met him. NeNe said some dude with a heavy accent came up to her in Los Angeles outside her hotel and she only learned later that this was perhaps Kenya's boyfriend. NeNe said she couldn't pick him out of a lineup.

- NeNe looks like she's passing a kidney stone much of the hour.  She also admitted at one point that she was beneath working Kandi's musical after having worked with Ryan Murphy. Kandi took no offense.

- NeNe had pulmonary embolisms that landed her in the hospital last December. She is now taking blood thinners and wears compression socks when flying.

- What time is it again? Kandi didn't really defend her chronic lateness except to say other women were late as well.

- Kenya was still upset about Velvet's death. She noted that everyone got in touch with her about Velvet except NeNe. NeNe said she talked about getting Kenya a new dog but was told that should be up to the dog owner when they're ready to get another one.

- Kenya got peeved at Phaedra for calling her a "whore" and other insults. Phaedra was not remotely apologetic. She did note that she had sent a note to Kenya about her dog's death and that Velvet was one of Kenya's few friends. Kenya instantly took offense to that, saying that was shady to imply she had so few friends, that she only had Velvet.

- See no evil, hear no evil: Phaedra Parks said she had no involvement in Apollo Nida's alleged white-collar criminal scheme involving alleged identity theft and fraud. And when Cohen said it was a federal indictment, she corrected him: it's a complaint. Last we've heard, he is trying to come up with a plea deal with the feds, who got his computer with details of his activities and his co-conspirator yapping. We'll hear from him directly during part three of the reunion shows.


Next week's reunion includes Andy saying he does not condone violence and Kenya acting self righteous and victimized - of course. Kandi reveals that Mama Joyce had used credit cards under Kandi's name. Kenya accuses Apollo of cheating on Phaedra.