‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 12, episode 9


Originally posted Sunday, December 29, 2019 by RODNEY HO/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

This is trip numero uno for season 12 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

"Friend" Tanya Sam, who grew up in Canada, decides to bring the ladies to the Toronto Caribbean Festival. Everyone - even fellow Snake-gate "friend" Yovanna Momplaisir - flies up. But guess who came late?

NeNe “on the outs with everyone” Leakes. 

The ladies, of course, are not terribly excited by the prospect.

But first up: some disputes have to be cleared up and an unusual amount of F-bombs.


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Surprise? Last week, Kenya Moore blurted out that Mike Hill was going to propose to Cynthia Bailey - to her face! This was supposed to be a surprise and Mike was super annoyed.

When confronted by Cynthia, Kenya claims she has great “premonitions” about such things, that she just had a gut feeling.

Then Kandi provides the truth: during the party, she had warned Kenya to show up soon or she’d miss the proposal.

So Kenya’s inability to retain a simple secret really peeved Kandi. “Why would you do that?” Kandi says, and ruin the surprise?

Kenya begins spinning.

“Was I too excited? Did I open my big mouth? Probably! Because I was that f**king excited. If that somehow ended up messing up a moment for you, I would die if that was the case.”

Before Cynthia has a chance to respond, NeNe arrives She sits down and nobody comes to hug her or anything. And the editors play the sound of crickets for effect.

Bits from earlier in the episode:

Kenya's marriage issues: Yet again, Kenya gets to tear up over her on-going marital problems.

Cynthia and Kandi check in with her over what happened at the dinner a week earlier when her hubby Marc Daly acted like a garden variety arrogant jerk.

He asked Kenya, for instance, not to interrupt him but proceeded to interrupt Kenya when she tried to speak. Plus, he said he supported NeNe when Kenya clearly had issues with her, something a husband should not do.

“That is where I feel is the weakest link in our relationship is communication,” Kenya says to Cynthia and Kandi. “You can say anything to someone but say it respectfully.”

Cynthia decides to throw it out there: “Are you happy? Is this man bringing you peace?”

Kenya: “I just feel like in the beginning when Brooklyn came, he was so happy. Now I just feel like he’s getting farther and farther away.”

Cynthia: "Do you think is temporary or something you guys can work through?
Kenya: "I just feel like we're in a really low place right now."


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NeNe courting sympathy? The Love B Scott blog posted the "supportive" letter NeNe had hand written to Cynthia last week that caused Cynthia to tear up at her wine-cellar opening party a week earlier.

Kenya says this is clearly an attempt by NeNe to look good not just to Cynthia but the entire world.

“Now it doesn’t feel sincere anymore,” Cynthia says, forlorn.

“She’s trying to snake her way back into the group,” Kenya says.

Nothing Burger: Earlier, to Kandi, Eva had expressed annoyance that Porsha was gossiping about Eva's business. At the time, she said Porsha needed to feed stuff to the blogs about her own situation and not worry about Eva's. 

During the trip, Eva denies saying that or a snide remark about Porsha’s C-Section. But RHOA tape shows Kandi’s recollection was accurate. Kandi says when Eva is annoyed and doing a “read” on someone, it ends up being pretty “f-ed” up.

Cynthia tries to play mediator and says she sincerely believes Eva is on Porsha’s side.

“I never intended to hurt your feelings,” says Eva, which is true.

“I wouldn’t bring it up if I didn’t give a f***,” Porsha responds.

And that mini-tiff is over.

NEXT WEEK: Snakegate addressed and a surprise visit by Porsha's fiance Dennis McKinley.