'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('Bury the Hatchet'): season 7, episode 4

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

Another week passes and the violins continue to play for Kenya Moore.

She may not have inappropriately chased Phaedra's husband Apollo Nida but she is still a camera-hogging showboat who will use tears, props and her signature fake smile to make headlines.

So she gets upset when Kandi Burruss tells her that NeNe Leakes still believes Kenya was a cheat by saying Apollo, the liar, was lying about lying. Huh?

Kenya quickly breaks down in tears and even pushes the camera away (while audio keeps on going.). She cloaks herself in victimhood yet again because that cloak works for her.

"I'm sick of these bitches," she says. "Making me look bad... I"m not the f**** liar. I never did nothing to hurt him."

To NeNe: "You don't want me to win. You don't want people to look at me differently. Stop being so god**** bothered by me."

"They go too f*** far. They're evil!" she adds. "I cannot win with these women. I just keep getting kicked. I'll keep coming back up. They want me to fail. They want me to be painted as this horrible person. Why?"

Maybe because she comes across as manipulative and conniving?


In other story lines:

Work it! Todd Tucker feels his wife's team is slacking and she agrees. "We're not working cohesively to make sure my brand gets bigger," she says. Todd says they let projects such as songwriting classes fall. "I always make sure your s*** comes together," says Kandi's defensive DonJuan Clark.

Later, DonJuan argues with Kandi that he works his butt off for her, not Todd. Later, he meets with Todd and after some tense moments, DonJuan feels like he's been heard and ultimately respected (after feeling disrespected earlier.) DonJuan has to accept Todd is part of the equation now that they're married.

Shady - or not?

Newcomer Claudia Jordan is working with Rickey Smiley on the syndicated radio show while Porsha Williams joins in for syndicated TV show "Dish Nation" afterwards.

Claudia tries to kiss up to Porsha and it's awkward. Porsha is not being very nice. "The shade is evident," Claudia says. "What have I done? I refuse to let my work environment get too crazy due to your insecurities."

She said Porsha was nice the first couple of days but suddenly cold. They have a meal. Claudia tries to get Porsha to fess up about feeling weird given Claudia's friendship to Kenya. But Porsha refuses. Claudia tries to get Porsha to consider making up with Kenya. Porsha changes the subject. She doesn't trust Claudia.

Cynthia-Porsha fallout: Porsha has no sympathy for Cynthia after their very awkward meal last week, describing her look as a "robot read" because she was funneling her husband's feelings or something like that and was packed with Botox. That is kind of witty but it makes you wonder if her feistiness has to do with the fact she is no longer under he ex-husband Kordell Stewart's thumb or she is being fed wittier lines to make her look smarter. Another theory: she doesn't come off as dopey on "Dish Nation" as she does on "Real Housewives." It helps she's talking pop culture, not slavery history. So maybe the "real" Porsha isn't quite as stupid as we think.


The third episode last week drew 3.1 million viewers, down from 3.7 million during the third episode a year ago. The 18-49 numbers were comparable (1.5 vs. 1.6).