Mike Stoudt out at Fish 104.7

Mike Stoudt, the night jock at Christian pop station Fish 104.7 almost since the station's inception in 2000, has been let go.

Fish Program Director Mike Blakemore said they are replacing his show with a new one led by a woman who merely goes by the name Penny. She was doing weekends. He said she will do an evening version of their Sunday "Keep the Faith" show where they will play songs and relate stories of "hope and encouragement."

The show debuts tonight at 7 p.m.

"This position is a dream come for Penny who has always wanted to host a show like this.  She’s incredibly talented both on and off the air and we’re blessed to have her take over the evening slot at the Fish," Blakemore wrote.

Blakemore also said, of Stoudt: "He had 13 great years here, which in the radio world is a very long run.  We thank him and wish him only the very best. "

This move leaves Kevin and Taylor in the mornings and Parks Stamper in mid-days as the remaining original jocks. (Dan Ratcliffe, the afternoon jock from 2000 to 2011 was taken off air to be a behind-the-scene production guy, replaced by Beth Bacall.)

Overall, Fish's on-air staff has been remarkably stable compared to most other stations.

Stoudt made the announcement on his Facebook page Friday:

New night jock at Fish 104.7 is Penny. She just goes by her first name. CREDIT: Fish 104.7

Well, after 13 years with 104.7 the Fish, I've been let go from being the evening on-air personality. They've decided to go "in a different direction". I'm not sure what that's going to be but I hope it continues my top 5 ratings  - most of the time !

I wish them well in their decision. Kevin & Taylor in the Morning & Parks Stamper are class acts. They actually care about you, the listeners. I will miss the relationships I've built w/them, the sales and traffic departments and more… You've been great friends and co-workers and I thank you for making the two floors on Peachtree Rd NW my home away from home. I'll miss my peeps on the 8th floor as well.

My only regret is that I wasn't allowed one more night (tonight) to say goodbye to you (and other listeners not on FB) who helped make my time on-air enjoyable. Thank you for the phone calls, the FB messages, the emails…thank you for pouring your heart during those times when your life was in shambles and you didn't have anyone else to talk to except some "random DJ at the Christian radio station". Thank you for the laughs! Thank you for allowing your kids to call up and for calling in for my Fish Family Status Updates -- I loved hearing how you were living your life while listening to 104.7 The Fish…especaially when all I could see were computer screens and a microphone…hoping that the songs or any words that I could mutter were at least some sort of encouragement to you in your worst moment…or perhaps a funny bit to give you a chuckle.

So it's with a heartfelt THANK YOU that I (quietly) 'sign off'. You've given me the best gifts anyone can ask for -- your friendship and your time. I wish you the best and want to remind you, above all else:

God loves you,


In a Facebook message Stoudt sent a couple of days later, he said the firing was a surprise, given that he felt his ratings were strong. But he wasn't going to let bitterness get him down:

It'll all work out. I'm now pursuing acting and voiceovers full-time (something I've wanted to do for a long time). And I'm hitting the ground running. I've consistently booked VO gigs and even have 3 this week. As for acting, I've been in Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives…and coming out this year, in episode 9 of "Reckless", I play a shock jock that gets sued (co-star role) and then have a part w/Jeremy Renner.

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