Margaret Cho goes 'PsyCHO' on Showtime Sept. 25, Tabernacle October 29

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Friday, September 25, 2015, updated October 16, 2015

Margaret Cho, who spent a good portion of six years in Peachtree City shooting Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva," will return October 29 to her former home for her "PsyCHO" tour at the Tabernacle. (Get tickets here)

If you want a taste of what the tour will be like, check out her latest Showtime special of the same name, which airs tonight September 25 at 9 p.m.

Filmed in March at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, the edgy comic tackles adult toys, her sexuality, gay kids, Joan Rivers' death and the arrival of ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat," the first Asian-American sitcom on broadcast TV since her show two decades ago.

On the special, she said she gave "Fresh Off the Boat" creator Eddie Huang advice. ("Cho-Bi Wan Kenobi," she called herself.) She heard some white executives worried the name of the show might be offensive.

"Sometimes white people will get offended on our behalf," she mused on stage. "So adorable when they do that! Aww... Thanks, white people!"

She added, "I think white people like to tell Asian people how to feel about race because they're too afraid to tell black people."

Cho, in an interview earlier this week, marveled over how Asian Americans are beginning to make a bigger mark on pop culture.

"This [special] is my reward for sticking around and continuing to work. I'm now reaping the benefits of being a pioneer," she said. "I'm really proud of this special. It's all about the rage I feel about the rest of the world. All of the things happening with police brutality and systematic use of rape by ISIS for recruiting. And Bill Cosby. There's so much to be enraged about. I'm trying to find some healing through that rage."

Tonight, PBS is also debuting a special "The Women's List" about groundbreaking female Americans such as former Secretary of State Madeline Albrecht, Altanta billionaire and Spanx founder Sara Blakely and actress Edie Falco. Cho is included. (Neither PBA or GPB locally is airing the special in the next two weeks.)

"They gave me a lot of airtime," Cho said. "I"m really grateful to present my Asian-American point of view."

Cho has been a busy woman this year.  She played a goofy North Korean journalist on the Golden Globes. She hosted a TLC talk show about sex that unfortunately was not renewed. ("It was too racy for TLC, unfortunately," she said.) She appeared on "Celebrity Wife Swap" recently, switching places with actress Holly Robinson Peete. ("I just love her kids so much," she said. "I regret having waited so long to have kids myself.")

And now she's guest commentator on the revamped E! show "Fashion Police." She was friends with the late Joan Rivers.

"It's to honor her," Cho said. "It's also to spend time with my good friends, including Melissa Rivers. I want to do something for a family that I have gotten so much from."

Given her busy tour schedule, she hasn't committed to a full-time job with "Fashion Police" yet but has already appeared multiple times. She has also gotten to work with another guest host, Atlanta's NeNe Leakes.

"I can't believe we had never crossed paths in Atlanta," she said. "I'm so grateful to have become friends with her. She's phenomenal, very fun and very funny, a lovely lady."

Ultimately, "I would like a permanent position," she added.

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

One of her best lines during the post-Emmy "Fashion Police" involved her obsession with the show "Empire." She said on the show she would be willing to play "Fortune Cookie Lyon" if they'd let her, a line she said she came up with off the cuff.

"I would love to do something with Courtney Love," Cho said, referencing a past guest star on "Empire." "I would love to be an artist rep. I could be the Lea Solanga of 'Empire.' Or a K-pop singer!"

She has also stated she has switched presidential candidate camps. She used to be a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter but now has switched allegiances to Bernie Sanders. "I feel like he has no corporate agenda," she said. "To me, that's enough." Of course, she wouldn't mind a Clinton/Sanders ticket either.

Not surprisingly, she is no fan of Donald Trump. She refused to take part in "Celebrity Apprentice" when he was host despite being asked numerous times mostly because she didn't want to get into pointless arguments with other celebrities. (In 2010, she did do "Dancing With the Stars," which projects far greater positivity.)

"I don't understand what he's doing," Cho said. "He's such a racist. He's so ignorant and dumb. You can't argue with someone politically who resorts to attacking people's looks. [He insulted Carly Fiorina that way in Rolling Stone interview.) It's a travesty!"


"Margaret Cho: PysCHO," 9 p.m. Friday, September 25, Showtime


Margaret Cho - The PsyCHO tour

8 p.m. Thursday, October 29

$29.50-$49.50 before fees

The Tabernacle

152 Luckie St., Atlanta

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