'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap: Mother's Day edition 'TMI! TMI!'

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gossip and unnecessary interventions.

That's how "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" rolled on the lovely Mother's Day edition of the show, airing a day earlier than normal to accommodate the Hallmark-endorsed holiday. (VH1 airs original episodes outside the show's regular Monday slot every so often. In this case, it was to have a stronger lead in for its 9 p.m. "Dear Mama" special.)

Rasheeda wants her mom Shirleen to make up with Scrappy's Momma Dee after Momma Dee confronted Shirleen at her clothing shop in a previous episode. Shirleen thinks Momma Dee is "bipolar" and wonders if she was just drunk.

But Rasheeda has been on this show long enough to know that letting this confrontation just die off into the ether is not a smart move. Rather, she thought it was time for an intervention. Interventions are fun!

Neither her mom nor Momma Dee would accept a mediation voluntarily. So she and Scrappy - who are now cool after she and Kirk didn't show up at his child support hearing - set up a surprise meeting with the two moms. Rasheeda even brought in Waka Flocka's mom Deb Antney to mediate.

Both admitted this would probably not go well yet they did it anyway because the producers wanted to jimmy up some drama for drama's sake.

Predictably, Shirleen and Momma Dee immediately start fighting. Deb's efforts are for naught. At one point, Momma Dee starts waving a feather about as if to ward away evil spirits. Nutty behavior? Yes. Great TV? In a sense.

Then Momma Dee's hubby Ernest explains that Momma Dee has a "serious problem with alcohol."

"TMI! TMI!" yelps poor Scrappy, who in a moment that was so so GIFable, takes a puff of his asthma inhaler in a most exasperated way.

Deb then brings up the fact that her nephew was now dating Bambi, Scrappy's ex. He didn't know about this. And he is annoyed that Rasheeda knew, too.

Yes, Bambi is back! And she appears to be dating Deb's nephew Chaz.

Next week, we see trailers of Jessica Dime proclaiming her feelings for Scrappy, then "confronting" Bambi.

In other storylines:

Abhorrent as usual: Joseline Hernandez seems to be going out of her way to stir up crap for no reason. She spread rumors that Scrapp De Leon had a third chick and incited Tommie. She also heard KK King and Stevie J were an item a bazillion years ago. And she had already peeved Karlie Redd by blackmailing her after hearing Karlie may have spread rumors about her. Yup, it's always sixth grade in Joseline land.

Poor Stevie J confronts her on all this. He wants her to apologize to KK's sons Scrapp and Sas about spreading false rumors.  She refuses. She just promises to not bring them up again. And she denies to him she had done anything to Karlie.

Next week, we see Stevie J so annoyed with Joseline that he asks Mimi Faust if he can stay there for a few days, leading Mimi's girlfriend Chris to want to break up with her.

Tommie goes nuts again: An episode after a fruitless search for Scrapp's extra side chick (who may or may not exist), she sees Dawn and confronts her because she had "heard" Dawn had been spreading unspecified rumors about her. "B****, do you know me?" she asked. It's hard to say if Dawn did. Dawn was at the party because Joseline invited her. She had worked with Joseline last season when Joseline was on the outs with Stevie J. She also tried to poach Jessica Dime from Mimi.

KK King's acceptance: She had avoided her late nephew Dolla's grave but finally came on what would have been Dollar's 28th birthday. While much of this show is trumped-up absurdity, her tears seemed genuine.

If you missed the episode, it will air in its usual time at 8 p.m. Monday.