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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Final Outcome'): season 5, episode 16

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, July 25, 2016

Although "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" didn't really announce it, this is clearly set up as a season finale before the two-part reunion show.

We can summarize the story lines that were "closed":

Stevie J and Joseline are done. For real. Really! And it wasn't ever clear why Joseline acted the way she did to sabotage the relationship the way she did. She just came across even more evil this season than ever. Even Stevie J started using the "evil" word after offering the softer term "delusional" to her face. With Stevie J now placing a restraining on her since taping ended, things clear have gone from bad to worse.

Mimi throws a fit: Just for kicks, at Ariane's listening party, Ariane decides to invite Joseline (for K. Michelle's case), along with Mimi. They are enemies again. Joseline, for no particular reason, starts hurling insults at Mimi. Then she throws a drink. The guards come in. They curse each other out some more and it's over. How many times have we seen this same scene? It's like "Groundhog Day: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" edition.

The Bam is back! Lil Scrappy is finally growing up. After breaking up with Bambi, he reconciled with her and quickly gathered close friends to ask her hand in marriage. Surprisingly, even Momma Dee was okay with it.

Speaking of Momma Dee... She forgives Shirleen after a jealousy fit in a previous episode for meeting up with Ernest. Then she reads out a "will" where she would give Ernest $1 if she dies. He's cool with it. They are in a better place for now. Momma Dee is even shown singing (sorta) and dancing (better) during a concert. She is looking so much better than she did four years ago and is acting so much more mature, too.

Tommie admits to a drinking problem... sorta. She is suffering without imprisoned Scrapp de Leon and admits to a therapist that she had an awful childhood and needs to drink to cope with life. But she isn't quite ready to call herself an "alcoholic."

Reconciliation: Tiarra and Karen "KK" King hold a birthday party for Scrapp's son. It's bittersweet when he calls but at least the two women are getting along for the sake of the child.

At the end of the hour, they quickly summarize other storylines that could come up again season six in 2017: Tiarra is pregnant. KK has to fight off theft charges. Joseline is in studio with Young Dro (but no mention of a possible pregnancy.) Stevie J is single. K Michelle is opening a hookah bar and as usual, places a middle finger at the other cast members. Mimi is dating and seems okay with life. And Karlie's businesses are going great post-Lyfe Jennings.

Next week: reunion time!

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