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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap: cast tensions force changes to reunion set up

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, August 1, 2016

For better or worse, "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" cast members this season could not be in the same room together. There was too much tension.

So the producers dispensed with a traditional reunion show. A month ago, they flew down to Atlanta instead of doing it in New York and interviewed folks solo or in small groups. There was no live audience. Transgender producer D Smith (who doesn't plan to return next season), talent agent Deb Atney and her son & rap star Waka Flocka didn't even bother to show up.

The flash point this season, of course, was Joseline Hernandez, who created even much havoc than usual with a bag of lies, threats and basic psycho behavior.

Stevie J - who recently placed a restraining order against Joseline - refused to be in the same room as her. Mimi Faust also declined to sit in the same room as "Satan's spawn" Joseline. Joseline took an order of protection against Tommie so they couldn't be in the same room together. ("What did I ever do to her?" Tommie said. Joseline later claimed Tommie tried to run her over, which Tommie admitted was true.)

Let's review the rest of part one in quick order.

It's really really REALLY over: If you haven't figured it out by now, Stevie J and Joseline are on the outs. There appears to be no path for reconciliation. Why exactly their relationship fell apart is hazy. Joseline claims he betrayed, lied and cheated on her but didn't offer specifics. "This is over," she declared to host Nina Parker. "He's a coward... He lost the best thing that ever happened to him." "The Good Guy" just came across as the befuddled victim of her nuttiness. He said she disrespected him after he pulled her out of the strip clubs. He said she began (perhaps) cheating herself. But don't worry about divorce papers. Stevie J said there never was a real marriage, no matter what Joseline said.

So what the...? On day two of taping, Joseline claimed she was pregnant, possibly with Stevie's child. She said she was 3.5 months pregnant at the time. She is now showing Instagram photos with what appears to be a baby bump. So believe what you want to believe on that one because her track record for honesty is not exactly great.

Fool me once...: Mimi actually tried to befriend Joseline earlier in the season for the sake of her daughter Eva. But Joseline instead created a tearful story about Stevie J fathering more children. When Mimi found out it was a charade, she was understandably furious. Joseline's rationale for screwing with Mimi was not terribly rational: she was angry Stevie was staying with Mimi yet claimed she was "not threatened by her." She also convinced Mimi to ask for child support from Stevie. Mimi's bottom line: "She's a sick, twisted individual."

Fool me twice...: Joseline thought Karlie Redd was saying bad things about her behind her back so she held an envelope with possible blackmail material about Karlie. She threatened to release it but never did because what was probably in that envelope? Nothing.

Take me to the King: Joseline then accused Karen "KK" King of sleeping with Joseline's "hubby" Stevie J. Karen and Stevie J reiterated that never happened. Joseline in the reunion claimed she heard it from Stevie himself. Again, her credibility is pretty much null and void now.

Run me over: Tommie tried to buddy up to Joseline but made the fatal mistake of telling her she had the hots for Stevie J. Joseline brought them together for a possible threesome, which Stevie J recoiled from. Later, Tommie met up with cops at her hotel room door. She believed Joseline called the police on her after hearing Stevie had stopped by. (Nothing happened, they both said.) Of course, Joseline told Nina Parker she never called said cops. Another female relationship with Joseline torn asunder because that's what she does.

Even going after the host... Upset with a seemingly innocuous line of questioning regarding Tommie, Joseline mocks the host's credentials, calling her just a "gossiper" and "blogger." The host noted she was a professional journalist. (She worked at TMZ for several years before going to CBS.) "It's unprofessional," Joseline said. "It's careless. For you to try to even speak on that shows me how mess you are." "I"m messy?" Nina said, eyebrow raised, before reeling it back. Nina made an apology and moved on, well aware that Joseline was not the type to apologize for anything.

Oh, yah... There are plenty of storylines on the show not involving Joseline but the only one that got any real airtime this hour was Bambi and Scrappy reconciling. Their marriage is set for July, 2017. Even Momma Dee approved. But just to stoke the jealousy fires, they brought in Betty Idol, who Momma Dee tried to hook up with Scrappy. There was no chemistry between the two but Betty got messy thanks to Bambi's taunting and was escorted out. Yawn.

And why was she here at all? K Michelle showed up to the reunion taping in sweats although producers asked them to be "camera ready." She threw off the schedule. Once in proper makeup, she told Nina she returned on the cast to show everybody how successful she is now and thumb her nose at them. Classy! In the end, the producers gave her "full-time" cast member status in the credits but hardly used her. Nobody wanted to hang out with her except Ariane and vice versa.


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