'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' ('Final Goodbye'): season 5, episode 10

D Smith talks with a very unhappy Deb Antney. CREDIT: VH1

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D Smith talks with a very unhappy Deb Antney. CREDIT: VH1

By RODNEY HO/ rho@ajc.com, originally filed Monday, June 6, 2016

The creators of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" are milking the Scrapp-De-Leon-is-going-to-prison story line for all its worth. Think it was over tonight with the title "Final Goodbye"? Nope.

There's more next week! Just watch the teaser at the end! Maybe next week should be titled "The Final Final Goodbye!"

This week is not about Scrapp's cheatin' ways with he and Karlie Redd getting it on and his actual supposed girlfriend Tiarra Tia Becca going crazy.

Now it's all somber family time with his poor son and his sad bro.

On camera, Scrapp tells his three-year-old son that he's going away for awhile for doing something bad. He doesn't say how long but his son senses this isn't just a weekend jaunt and starts to cry. Despite how stupid Scrapp is, this is still a sad scene. Just in case you aren't feeling too sad, VH1 plays some sad music and closes in on the son's tears.

Scrapp was sent to at least five years in prison for trafficking marijuana back in 2014. Seems a bit harsh to me but sentencing rules are what they are. He entered prison March 15.

Scrapp spent his final night of freedom with family and praying. "My faith will keep me strong," he said.

But the producers are weeping over his departure.

Other story lines:

Sing, sing a song: Ariane, like everybody else on the show, thinks she can sing. She tells D Smith that her bad family situation kept her from singing and teared up. "It's time for me," she declared. We don't hear her sing, though. That's for another episode.

Mediation not a strong suit: Deb Antney, Waka Flocka's mom, tries to resolve a dispute between Tammy and Bambi vs. D Smith and Betty Idol from an earlier episode over transgender issues. It started with Waka's comments last fall about transgender people and specifically Caitlyn Jenner where he called her "evil" and said she was "rebuking God." (Read them here).

Ultimately, lots of people have a hard time understanding or even tolerating transgender people and neither Betty Idol nor D Smith have a lot of patience for that type of attitude. So when Deb Antney starts defending her son, D Smith gets instantly defensive herself and quickly becomes disinvited to an anti-bullying panel Deb is holding.

At the actual panel, everything seems to go okay when D Smith and Betty decideto show up anyway because that's dramatic! During a Q&A, D Smith goes up to the podium to espouse compassion and love for transgender people. Tammy makes it personal, saying she thought her husband Waka was just expressing an opinion and not being hateful toward transgender people. She considers D Smith and Betty way too sensitive and judgmental. And she says she has a hard time explaining transgender to her little kids who don't even know yet about sex.

"Transgender has nothing to do with sexuality," D Smith says. "It has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with the soul." .

"As a woman, I felt attacked because of an opinion my husband had, " Tammy says. She says her husband simply didn't disagree with the "lifestyle."

That loaded word angers D Smith so much, she slams her hand on the podium. A security guy instantly appears. Deb shoos D Smith away and she leaves.

In classic "Love and Hip Hop" style, an event meant to uplift does the exact opposite.

Who's speaking the truth? Mimi gets caught up in the Stevie J and Joseline drama. Last week, Joseline claimed a woman said she had a child with Stevie J and he was paying child support. Mimi is angry. She confronts Stevie J. He denies it. Soon, she gets confused, can't decide who is right. Next week, a DNA test might ultimately prove the answer Maury Povich style!