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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" recap: season 6, episode 7 - Tommie's wine party goes awry

This was originally posted on Monday, April 17, 2017 by Rodney Ho/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Relationships are often as firm as sand on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta." Women get angry at each other like clockwork, sometimes for the flimsiest of reasons

And some are more than willing to throw down for some quality camera time. Enter Jessica Dime, Tammy Rivera and Tommie Lee.

Tommie and Dime are especially prone to violence. Tommie time and time again is saying she is trying to turn a new leaf. Her latest effort: creating a business involving a wine line called Le'Don. Where is she getting the money to do this? Who knows? But it gives her a story line about redemption - just a questionable one given her penchant for excessive alcohol consumption. ("I'm not an alcoholic," she insists.)

Karen "KK" King, the mom of Tommie's now jailed ex Scrapp de Leon, tries to counsel Tommie that this isn't the smartest idea. But Tommie insists this is a great way to channel her energies in a positive way and promises she won't consume all the product herself.

Tommie holds a party to introduce the wine to the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" cast. Those who show up include Yung Joc, Scrappy, Lovely Mimi, Mimi Faust, Rasheeda, Karen and the aforementioned trio. Tommie gets all emotional from the positive vibes.

Then Lovely Mimi innocently brings up meeting Dime at Joseline's video party and how Melissa Scott helped the two sides kiss and make up. (Mimi is annoyed by Melissa's efforts at playing Switzerland, which is likely to be explored later.) Tommie, who was arrested earlier this season because of her attack on Joseline, is not pleased that Dime is now cozying up to Joseline. She even came up with the paranoid theory that Dime is an "informant" who will carry news back to Joseline or something stupid like that.

Tommie is about to toss wine at Dime.

When Tammy tries to change the subject, Dime gets all upset with her and they have to be pried apart by security. Moments later, Tommie wants Dime out of the restaurant and to facilitate that action, instead of asking her to do so, she throws a drink at her instead. More security guard-related mayhem occurs. And Dime is gone.

To make matters worse, a few minutes later, Tommie's estranged mom shows up. Tommie is not pleased and the producers provide us a minor cliffhanger for next week.

So much for Tommie's anger management. It's not managed.

Sierra is about to thrust her purse in Moriah's direction but not in a way that would actually hit her. (I'm certain she was coached to ensure nobody gets hurt.)

Side chick drama

The other lesser fight happens between Moriah and her former employer Sierra. Sierra is understandably upset by Moriah cheating on Shooter but wants to hear what she has to say for two-timing her with her husband. When Moriah places the onus on Shooter being drunk and fondling her, Sierra is not pleased. Quickly Moriah doesn't like Sierra's attitude and gets quickly defensive. Surprise! Sierra is the first one to throw down by slamming her purse vaguely in Moriah's direction. Security swoops in. And moments later, Sierra leaves.

Maury Povich, come on down!

For anyone following the gossip sites, we know that Stevie J and Joseline are now in a much better place since the baby arrived.

But while this was taping last fall, Stevie J was still tussling with her in court, even asking for custody and requiring Joseline take a drug test. Then Stevie J finds out his paternity results and yes! He is the daddy! Joseline is kind of disappointed given the situation but Stevie J seems okay with it. She wants to have the baby and move to Miami.

Fix-it department

Waka Flocka is trying to reconcile with Tammy. He has moved back into the house but isn't sleeping in the same bedroom as Tammy. He goes skating with his daughter. He meets up with his mom Deb Antney, who tells him to stop cheating on Tammy if he really wants the marriage to work. Tammy's daughter begs her to get back together with him but Tammy is resistant. "How do I know he's sorry?" she says. "I trust him which means you trust him," his daughter says. Nonetheless, the road is being paved for an inevitable reconciliation.

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