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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' recap ('Keep it Real'): season 6 episode 11

This was posted on Monday, May 22, 2017 by Rodney Ho/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Karlie Redd has always been the busybody on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" since the show began in 2012. She likes to gossip and insert herself into other people's business. In fact, her general shadiness has kept her on the show.

The show's star Joseline Hernandez had been friends with Karlie but got tired of Karlie butting into her business all the time. Last season, Joseline even tried to "blackmail" her with supposed incriminating information about her in an envelope she threatened to reveal. We learn now that this was all a ruse just to get a rise out of Karlie.

The two tried to reconcile. At one point, Karlie got all worked up when Joseline called her a "messy b****." Messiness is equal to busybody. Karlie says she doesn't understand why she cares so much about her relationship with Joseline and why Joseline gets her so riled. Ultimately, she admires Joseline's pluck and still wants to be her friend.

They do hug but Karlie isn't sure they'll ever be true buds again.

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Karlie is very much in the center of this episode. She also meets Stevie J's new artist Estelita from Miami. When Estelita is introduced, Karlie makes a face and says, "Interesting." Karlie isn't necessarily throwing shade at Estelita. She is simply thinking that Joseline would not like this and wanting to tell her about it. But she had promised Joseline not to be so "messy" and stay out of her business. So she zipped her lip and promised to herself that she would say nothing. But that weird attitude didn't endear herself to Estelita, who just thought she was a sad, old witch.

Karlie then hosted a party for her latest clothing store. Yung Joc, who she was sorta kinda dating, showed up to support her. Melissa Scott brought along Estelita, who described the store as something like a "swap meet." Then Karlie brought her new boy toy, some guy named Caesar. And the episode ended.

The new character on the show: Estelita, a Latino singer signed to Stevie J's label.

Earlier, Mimi also met Estelita and warned her about Joseline's pure nastiness. Karlie then worries that Mimi wouldn't be thrilled that she reconciled with Joseline.

Mimi is very much in the "if you're with Joseline, you're against me" mode. She believed earlier that Melissa wasn't being fully honest with her about her friendship with Joseline and has distanced herself from Melissa. Mimi also still hopes that Stevie J doesn't shack up again with Joseline but thinks that just might very well happen. She wants to ensure their daughter Eva stays away from Joseline. (She filed a restraining order recently to ensure that happens.)

Stevie J, after spending a week taking care of his newborn daughter while Joseline was guest hosting "The Real" in Los Angeles, asks Joseline to move in with him and work with him again. On both counts, Joseline says no. She wisely doesn't want to mix business and personal again. She is also thinking of moving to Miami. Stevie J says no way to that. He wants to be near his baby. Her threat to move is clearly a feint. As long as she's on this reality show, she isn't going anywhere permanently.


In other story lines, Jessica Dime has a new boyfriend, if you really care about Dime, who is still a secondary character on the show at best. She is also planning a trip with some of the ladies to Jamaica, which will be featured next week.

Tommie apologized to Yung Joc for using him and getting into a fight with Karlie over him.

And Rasheeda, tired of all the speculation, handed Kirk a DNA test to see if Jasmine's baby is really his. He has been avoiding it. (In previews, a young dude shows up to her claiming that he is the baby's daddy instead!).

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