Jon Stewart skewers Atlanta and the storm response because it's oh so easy

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When Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" staff yesterday decided what to make fun of on last night's episode, Atlanta and its woeful response to the snow and ice Tuesday was an easy target.

And being the Yankees that they are, they referenced Paula Deen, "Deliverence," "Gone With the Wind" and "Driving Miss Daisy." Stewart mines humor out of Governor Nathan Deal's comment that this storm was "unexpected" and noted The Weather Channel is based here. Plus, Mayor Kasim Reed ironically was receiving a "Georgian of the Year" award from Georgia Trend just as the you know what was hitting the fan Tuesday.

Channel 2 Action News was featured in the clips, with video of Karen Minton, Jovita Moore and Justin Farmer - plus all 25 reporters out in the field at once in a massive box that would put "The Brady Bunch" to shame. Aasiv Mandvi, a "correspondent," pops up in one of the boxes.  Then he pops up in another box.  Then it becomes like an episode from the old game show "Press Your Luck."

Plus, you can never count out "The Daily Show" to use juvenile humor and references to "two inches." You can watch and judge for yourself.