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Former 92.9/The Game host Marc James accused of harassing female actress with texts

Posted Wednesday, October 11, 2017 by RODNEY HO/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Former 92.9/The Game morning host Marc James has been accused by a young female actress of harassing her with texts after she turned down his advances.

James, now a host at the New England Sports Network,  worked at 92.9/The Game for about 16 months until 2015. He joined NESN  in May and has also worked in the past in Charlotte, Tampa Bay and Miami.

Alyssa Labrie, a 22-year-old actress and model,  posted her story on Facebook on October 7, two days after the blockbuster Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story in the New York Times came out. She met James at a photo shoot and thought he would be a good networking contact.

Instead, he sought to have drinks with her, sending videos and pictures of himself over a span of three months. She tried to brush him off and when he didn't take the hint, became more direct. At that point, she told him directly no thank you. The result? She said he became irate, mocking her appearance, career choices, and place of residence.

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"I am very frustrated that the most polite 'no' had to be met with combative, personal attacks on myself and my character because a 32 year old man's fragile ego couldn't handle the rejection of a young woman that HE sought out on the streets of Northampton while she was working," she wrote.

James left the Game after being accused of seeking autographs from Mets players at a recent Braves game, the type of fan-like behavior sports talk show hosts and sports reporters tend to avoid.

James declined to comment with WEEI sports radio network, which wrote about the incident yesterday. NESN did likewise.

But James did speak to Ali Reid, who wrote an extensive piece about the situation and quoted some former colleagues of him who made less-than-flattering comments about him. He told Reid that many of those offending texts were written by a friend of his using his phone and that he'd never harass anybody like that.

In a follow-up Facebook post, Labrie was skeptical of his explanation.

"I believe this is just a way for him to save his skin while calling my accusations untruthful, further representing the gross misogynistic, hyper-skeptical, type of rape culture behind all this," she wrote.

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