Drex Rener's debut on B98.5 morning show with Tad Lemire moved back to July 10

Credit: Rodney Ho

Credit: Rodney Ho

This was posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 by Rodney Ho/rho@ajc.com on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Drex Rener, formerly part of the Star 94 morning show, has joined Tad Lemire as part of  the pop station's new B98.5 morning show.

He takes over for Melissa Carter, who is leaving the station at the end of her contract in June but was taken off the air after she informed station management in March. Carter has been doing behind-the-scenes production work for the past few weeks.

Drex, according to a press release, was supposed to start this past Monday but his debut was pushed back until July 10 because Star 94.1 General Manager Mike Fowler wants Drex to adhere to a six-month non-compete clause in his Star contract. (Non-compete clauses are common in radio contracts and forces air talent to sit out for a time period between on-air jobs, usually in the same market. Six months is a typical length though I've seen non-competes ranging from three months to a year.)

Star took Drex and his colleagues Cassiday and Steve Tingle off the air last July but paid them through the end of their contracts. Drex's contract with Star concluded Jan. 10, 2017.

Although Drex had been filling in for on weekends and for ailing mid-day host Tripp West for a few weeks on B98.5, Fowler told me he had no idea that was even happening until he talked to Cox Media Group Atlanta market manager Donna Hall. If he had known Drex was on the air at all, Fowler said he would have put a stop to that as well.

Drex, prior to his 18 months at Star 94, worked in Charlotte, Detroit and Memphis. After he left Star, he said he wanted to stay in Atlanta and B98.5 gave him this opportunity to do so.

Lemire has been with B98.5 for 15 months.

"I am thrilled to be able to have a talent like Drex join Tad in mornings," said Chris Eagen, program and branding director for B98.5. " I've watched these two become fast friends over the last few months. They both have a great understanding of the effort, energy and dedication it requires to be part of a major market morning show, and they're just great people."

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