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Cutting up with WE-TV's 'Cutting in the ATL' cast promoting season 2 returning July 14

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Thursday, July 14, 2016

The cast of WE-TV's "Cutting in the ATL" made an immediate impression last season with viewers and the network quickly gave them a second season.

Three of the cast members - Beautii Joseph, LaKenya Morris and Dedra Allen - came by the AJC to promote its sophomore year, which debuts tonight (July 14) at 10 p.m. Maya Sly and Mushiya Tshikuka couldn't make it, but we got plenty of juice from the trio.

For the unitiated, this is a show about several Atlanta women who own salons and/or hair product lines and compete for business and camera time. Cue the dramatic music, ceaseless boasting and occasional screaming.

The ladies kept it cool with us at the AJC offices though Beautii and Dedra sometimes clashed in a lighthearted way. LaKenya, sitting between them, at times looked like the scratching post.

"Even if I don't like you, I can still sit next to you," said Beautii, who runs Spoiled Opulence salon in Atlanta. "We're all bosses. We all have strong mindsets. There's always going to be clashes."

"Everyone wants to be the queen bee," said Dedra, who runs J'Doah Salon.

When Dedra began bragging about her svelte figure, Beautii rolled her eyes and said, "We gotta get her a burger."

"There's a difference between confident and conceited," she added, looking over at Dedra.

"I'm both!" Dedra said. "People are going to hate beautiful women."

They threw plenty of shade about some of the other cast members. Dedra, for instance, called Mushiya's Runway Curls hair line "Runaway Curls."

There are three new characters - Tre, Pat and Steven. "Miss Pat is supposed the original of the $50 weave shops. She said Maya stole her concept," Beautii said.

Tre is a hairstylist, she added, "and Dedra's friend. He taught her how to do five-braid weaving."

"That's a lie," Dedra said.

"Steven owns a salon right around the corner from my salon," Beautii added. "He's a great guy, super sweet."

The video below was created by Ryon Horne and Armani Martin:

See the first few minutes of episode one below.

The show last year drew an average of 933,000 overnight viewers per original episode. It ranked 33rd out of 46 prime-time shows.




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