Cody: 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman and he trapped in 'friend zone'

Cody Sattler, the happy-go-lucky Chicago personal trainer, was ousted from "The Bachelorette" by Atlantan Andi Dorfman Monday, but he left with his dignity intact and his likability off the charts.

Not surprisingly, he's been booked for the ABC spinoff show "Bachelor in Paradise" and said he's open to being the next "Bachelor."

"I think that'd be a great opportunity," Cody said to me in a phone press conference set up by ABC Thursday. "I'm always looking for that perfect relationship."

Of the remaining eight guys in Monday's episode, Cody was the final one to get a one-on-one date, a sign Andi wasn't all that keen on him. She used that date to confirm what she already suspected. She placed him in that dreaded "friend zone," he said.

During the date, he made a best-case argument that the more she spends time with him, perhaps she'll like him more. But given her other options, she decided to just let him leave Italy without a rose.

"There wasn't that physical romantic connection between us," Cody admitted. "The chemistry wasn't there... I don't think we ever got into any depth with each other to truly know who I was deep down and vice versa with her."

Cody declined to handicap the final six guys and who has the best shot at the finals.

As shown on the broadcast, he was not a fan of Nick Viall, the pouty, self-entitled software executive who Andi inexplicably likes and could very well take to the final two.

"He's had a negative attitude, which rubbed me the wrong way," Cody said. "He didn't want to see other guys go on one-on-one dates with her. He wasn't into the group dates. I was appreciative to be there... I don't associate with people like that."

His take on Josh Murray, the Atlanta brother of UGA quarterback Aaron Murray? "I roomed with him on the show. Just seems like a well rounded guy... He seems like a family guy. He's been single awhile. He's really looking for a truly legitimate relationship. I have to say he's there for the right reasons."

What type of girl does Cody want? "I just want a really well-balanced girl, someone that takes care of herself, has goals and dreams in life and likes to have fun and also knows to be mature. I just want a girl to be honest with me."


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