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'Chrisley Knows Best' season 2 finale recap ('Still Chrisley After All these Years')

Of all the second season episodes of "Chrisley Knows Best," the season finale wins hands down in the sappiness department because it's always good to end a season on a warm, fuzzy note. (Then again, no matter what happens in this reality/sitcom, the family always gathers around the Chrisley parental bed to have a Brady-like kumbaya session at the end of every episode.)

On Tuesday night's episode, Todd and Julie plan a 20th anniversary party at the Roswell Historic Cottage. Julie is also celebrating her second anniversary cancer free since a double mastectomy.

This episode would be truly drama free if it weren't for Todd's mama Faye and son Chase messing up the date on the invitation. They were a day late.

So on the day of the supposed party, Todd and Julie find out that guests were going to come 24 hours later. They are still able to use the same venue and get the florists to come out the next day. The caterer? No go.

Julie starts making appetizers but realizes she won't be able to feed 100 people on her own. Fortunately, they find a barbecue place that can help them out at the last second.

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Despite all the scrambling, the party goes off without a hitch and they even raise money for Susan B. Komen. And Savannah even surprises them with a special musical guest Brett Young, who sings a lovely tune that the parents dance to.

"I'm blessed to have my wife," he said. "I'm blessed to have my children. And I'm blessed to have barbecue."

"She is the center of our universe, it's because of Julie, my life is blessed," he told the crowd. Awww....

Metrosexual quote of the night

"I have a stick up my ass. That's who I am." - Todd Chrisley, noting how he wants the party formal, not "fun" in the mind of Julie.

A question

Clearly, the two oldest children Kyle (off the show) and Lindsey (barely seen) were not the product of Julie AND Todd since they have been together only 20 years.

Tomorrow: There's a Christmas recap special. I won't recap what sounds like a rehash.

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