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'Chrisley Knows Best' recap ('Marriage Redux'): season 2, episode 12

Weird how 'Chrisley Knows Best" airs its episodes out of order. This is listed as the 12th episode after the 9th episode last week. (I guess 10 and 11 will show up sometime in the future!)

This week's sitcom theme is: the parents are so darn busy, they never get any quality "alone" time together.

The opening scene shows an example. They try to set up lunch but Grayson forgets his baseball gear, then has to do No. 2, then his baseball practice gets cancelled. Game over.

Julie and Todd Chrisley come up with ideas to do stuff together. Julie suggests a pottery class. Todd: "Kama Sutra."

"Should I Google that?" 16-year-old daughter Savannah asks. She Googles what she thinks is "Kama Sutra" and says, "That's medical marijuana!"

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"How did we get kids who are so dumb? Julie and I are not dumb people." - Todd.

Todd and Julie go to Mudfire Pottery Works in Decatur, where Todd keeps making sexual innuendo comments like a 13 yea rold. "The more you pinch, the bigger it gets," he says, referencing the clay, not anything else.

Eventually, he sticks clay on her face while pretending to pull a "Ghost" move. "Whether it's a two year old or a 46 year old, I'm leaving dirty," she says.

They then take a dance class at My Ballroom Dance Club in Atlanta.

"I have my own dance that I do. It's more like a seizure," he says.

TV trope alert: the Chrisleys make some alone time in a hotel and Julie draws up a bath with bubble bath soap bubbles to cover up the private parts. We know, we know: this is a family show!

The two teens are doing stuff without telling Daddy Dearest. Savannah has a model shoot without Todd hovering over her. "The shoot got a little sexier than my dad would have allowed," she notes.

Chase? He decides to hold a "secret" party at a local hotel his dad goes to a lot for business. (What business? I have no idea now!)

Of course, that's the same hotel Todd and Julie are at now. Wackiness ensues!  First, dancers show up at his room instead of Chase's. Todd goes over to see Chase and they're busted. "I did not think he'd spend here to stay the night," Chase says, rather dimly.

"You should have been more smart about it," Savannah says.

"More smart?" Chase asks. Yes, even Chase knows that's not correct grammar!

"A real man would not have got caught like that," Todd says. He is more bemused by this than Julie.

They also find out that Savannah had a model shoot without their clearance. "She's thinking she's Christie Brinkley," Todd mutters, making a lovely dated reference from his childhood.

"I just wanted to do something I could do my own once I got those pictures," Savannah said.

There is no actual punishment for either of them. The lies will continue because hijinks is the gasoline that drives this show.

And... scene.

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