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'Chrisley Knows Best' recap ('Houseguest From Hell'): season 2, episode 10


You won't even know she's here Julie Chrisley

By Rodney Ho/, filed on Dec. 10, 2014

Todd Chrisley truly hates to be inconvenienced - in any way.

So when wife Julie's pregnant friend Lea has to spend a night at their home while her water was turned off, Todd acts like the woman is going to live there the rest of her life and is forcing them to pay for her funeral, too.

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Because "put upon" is his basic standard of sitcom being on "Chrisley Knows Best."

They don't have a guest room so they relinquish their very own bed for a night.

Worse yet, she's kind of picky and demanding. Or as Chase says, "She is a female Todd."

Her requests are only difficult for people who perceive any requests as demanding.

She asks Todd to bring in her stuff from her car. (How rude!) He then has to (gasp!) pick up Chinese food. (The horrors!) He and the kids get Chinese food from Peking Restaurant in Suwanee.  They choose to sit down and eat before coming home, delaying the trip significantly.

They return back to the house and find out that Lee couldn't wait for sustenance. She had ordered pizza. She wonders why they took so long.

"We had to rent a U-Haul to bring your food back," Todd says.

As a thank you, Lea takes them out to Rita's Italian Ice. Again, Todd thinks this is more painful than getting a tooth extraction. The sin? She is incredibly fussy at the shop. As she orders, he rolls his eyes a lot. "She's pushing buttons I didn't even know he has," daughter Savannah says.

Later, Lea is laying in Todd and Julie's bed and is feeling pain. Todd starts to panic. Is she going to have her baby? Will her water break? Will she throw up?

Nope. She just has gas.

"That was something wicked!" Lea says.

The next day, she goes back to her home and the Chrisley world is right again.

Chase's lesson? "Having her here was good birth control for me."

A secondary storyline involved Todd's efforts to reconnect with his oldest daughter Lindsie, who has been absent on the show this season - as is oldest son Kyle, though that's a whole different story.

Todd didn't approve of Lindsie's choice of husband Will and they clashed season one. As a result, he doesn't see her much. He tries to reconcile with her.

"I can't control the fact you hate Will and he hates you," Lindsie says. "I can't find common ground. Let's face it. We're all screwed up."

Todd admits he isn't a fan of Will but is trying to move on from that. "You are an exceptional mother," he says. "I don't worry about my grandson because here's the thing, I don't need to be right anymore."

Is that vulnerability Todd is showing? Wow!

There is a season finale next week, followed by a Dec. 17 special Christmas episode to close out the year.

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