Bizarre Michael Graham/The Kimmer feud as Graham exits NewsRadio 106.7

On Wednesday, exiting late morning host Michael Graham on NewsRadio 106.7 did a spoof commercial about fellow host Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson, suggesting he's a racist drug addict who has engaged in bestiality.

The day before, Graham on air had jokingly said the Kimmer was a pot smoker, which is not true. The Kimmer was not thrilled by that assertion, even in jest, so Graham decided to tease him one more time walking out the door.

In the spoof commercial Graham aired right before his very final show wrapped, the narrator said in a serious tone, "Is someone close to you struggling with drug addiction?"

Then someone whispers "The Kimmer."

"Someone who is a daily part of your life who turns again and again to substance abuse. "[Another whisper: "Kim Peterson."]

"Maybe he's a veteran. Maybe he's struggled with maintaining relationships." ["You know who."]

"Maybe he has an unnatural affection for large animals." [Horse sound followed by "TMI! TMI!]

"It's time for you to reach out to Charter Hospitals. We've been helping divorced Vietnam War veteran horse lovers who are incredibly uncomfortable around black people overcome their addictions for 20 years. If you don't get help at Charter [Kim Peterson, this means you!], get help somewhere."

Kimmer, who played the satire on his show, responded: "What the hell?"

He said he had no clue why Graham would go after him. He had no beef with him. But after that attack, he called Graham a "disgrace" who "failed miserably like everywhere else."

Graham, who has been on the 9 a.m. to noon slot, is leaving NewsRadio 106.7 for a job with MediaDC, the parent company for Red Alert Politics, The Weekly Standard and The Washington Examiner. He will be responsible for the company's social and multimedia efforts.

In a statement, Graham gave a sarcastic rejoinder: "I regret the pain I caused Mr. Peterson. I should have realized he's not used to the 'rough-and-tumble' of talk radio, given the uplifting positive tone of his show - particularly toward ethnic minorities and those of alternative lifestyles. I hope Mr. Peterson finds the strength to come through this adversity with his good humor and generosity of spirit intact."

On his show, Graham said he was just joking around. But the Kimmer obviously didn't find the jokes funny.

"You poked the bear," the Kimmer said. "The bear wakes up!"

Graham's ratings were less than half of that of the Kimmer, which likely contributed to his departure. (Management has not responded to me for comment about Graham's departure.) The Kimmer gleefully noted: "He sent the ratings into the toilet. No wonder they got rid of him."

He said after Graham aired the fake commercial, he said some nice things about the Kimmer and Vietnam vets. But the Kimmer wasn't buying it: "Save your phony support of veterans, you freaking coward! You dirty stinkin' coward! I have not spoken nine words to Michael Graham in two years... He doesn't know me from Adam's house cat."

The two times they corresponded, he said, included day one when they ran into each other in the hallway and Graham taped a bit. Then in the bathroom one day, the Kimmer said, Graham made some joke about not seeing Kimmer's unit. "I should have gone to human resources!" he said. "He's creepy!"

"Everybody hates him!" he continued. "Nobody wants to work with him...He's finally he's out of radio again."

More Kimmer on Graham: "He hates cops. He hates dogs. He hates the Braves. Jesus. Unbelievable! No wonder it didn't work! Freakin' idiot. At least the management who hired him are gone. Our management now currently got rid of him. We salute them."

"The Kimmer Show," noon to 3 p.m., NewsRadio 106.7

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