TV best bets with the Rio Olympics, Bear Grylls, CMA Music Festival

Rio Olympics

By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Summer Olympics debut this Friday under a cloud of raw sewage, violence, low ticket sales and banned Russian track players.

It makes you get seriously nostalgic for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, doesn't it? And we got Centennial Olympic Park out of it!

Otherwise, it's a pretty light week for TV fare. Bear Grylls hangs out with Nick Jonas and Julianne Hough on his NBC series starting Monday. And the annual CMA Music Festival gets three hours of airtime on ABC Wednesday.

These tips cover Monday, August 1 through Sunday August 7, 2016.


"American Ninja Warrior" 8 p.m. NBC — Oklahoma City finals.

"The Bachelorette" 8 p.m. ABC (12th season finale) — JoJo introduces Jordan and Robby to her family.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" 8 p.m. VH1 — Nina Parker hosts the reunion show, part one.

"Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk?" 9 p.m. HBO — Alexandra Pelosi looks at money in politics and interviews wealthy donors to Republican and Democratic parties to ask them about their contributions and philosophies. Also: a look at efforts to enact campaign-finance reform.

"I am JFK Jr." 9 p.m. Spike — The life of John F. Kennedy Jr. is examined.

"Baby Bodybuilders" 9 p.m. TLC  — TLC sure knows how to create enticing titles for their specials!

"Rizzoli & Isles" 9 p.m. TNT — Jane is slated to testify at a murder trial, only to discover a key piece of evidence has been stolen.

"Devious Maids" 9 p.m. Lifetime — Marisol uncovers a secret from Genevieve's past that could reveal Peri's killer.

"Unreal" 10 p.m. Lifetime — Coleman tries to coerce Rachel into helping him destroy Quinn and the show.

"Major Crimes" 10 p.m. TNT — Rusty pushes against police policy to snoop into the murder of Buzz's father and uncle.

"Running Wild With Bear Grylls" 10 p.m. NBC (third season debut) — Nick Jonas joins Bear for a snowy mountain adventure in the Sierra Nevada during blizzard conditions.'


"America's Got Talent" 8 p.m. NBC — Twelve acts compete, including three Golden Buzzers facing off. From the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

" Bachelor in Paradise" 8 p.m. ABC (third season debut) — The cast arrives on the shores of Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico.

" Coupled" 8 p.m. Fox (first season finale) — The couples decide if they should stay together as their familes visit to learn about their relationships.

" Deadliest Catch" 9 p.m. Discovery — A medevac operation is attempted by the Coast Guard while Bill battles a leak and Jake builds his crew.

" Animal Kingdom" 9 p.m. TNT — The Codys aim for the biggest score of their lives as the cops put J in an impossible position.

" The Have and the Have Nots" 9 p.m. OWN — A discovery about Wyatt sends Katheryn over the edge.

" The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now" 9 p.m. MTV — Lauren Conrad looks back at memorable moments from "The Hills" and also shares the latest on what's going on in her life.

" Zoo" 9 p.m. CBS — Mitch explores Jackson's past in an attempt to get the answers they need to make a cure.

" Feed the Beast" 10 p.m. AMC (first season finale) — Tommy makes a daring offer to the Tooth Fairy to settle Dion's debt.

"Mistresses " 10 p.m. ABC — Custody issues arise regarding Vivian.

"Running Wild With Bears Grylls " 10 p.m. NBC — Julianne Hough joins Bear on a trek in Africa.


"Masterchef" 8 p.m. Fox — The losing sweet-16 team members must bake a three-layer birthday cake in 90 minutes in the first part of a combined episode.

"CMA Music Festival " 8 p.m. ABC — The annual gala in Nashville is hosted by Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett.

"America's Got Talent " 8 p.m. NBC Half the 12 acts make the next round. 

"Suits " 9 p.m. USA — Mike may take a deal to reduce his sentence.

"The Night Shift " 9 p.m. NBC  — TC risks his life to rescue a victim of a crane collapse.

"Greenleaf " 10 p.m. OWN — Security at Calvary is debated following the church shooting.

"Mr. Robot " 10 p.m. USA — Elliot can't quit the game.

"Tyrant" 10 p.m. FX — Barry bans open prayer following thwarted terror attacks.


"Battlebots" 8 p.m. ABC — The round of 16 begins with guest judge Michael Stevens (Vsauce).

"Home Free " 8 p.m. Fox (second season finale) The final two contestants compete to win a dream home for their personal heroes.

"Killing the Colorado " 9 p.m. Discovery — A documentary that examines the water crisis affecting the Western half of the United States.

"Greatest Hits " 9 p.m. ABC (live finale) — The Season 1 finale covers 1980-2005 and features Celine Dion performing "My Heart Will Go On" in Montreal and a Whitney Houston tribute by Ariana Grande.

"Ice Road Truckers " 10 p.m. History (10th season debut) — Experts predict one of the shortest and warmest winters on record; as a result, companies risk financial ruin and communities face deprivation unless the drivers can deliver vital supplies before their window of opportunity slams shut.

"Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll " 10 p.m. FX — The band meet an inspiring young fan.


"Opening Ceremonies of the Rio Olympics" 7:30  p.m NBC  — The event features welcoming speeches, the hoisting of flags and the parade of athletes, and also showcases Brazilian culture. Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira and Hoda Kotb report.

"Killer Women: Sex on the Beach" 8 p.m TLC — Lust and obsession transform into brutal acts of violence.

"Love Thy Neighbor " 9 p.m. OWN  Hattie's decision to write her memoirs causes problems for her friends and family.

"Dark Matter" 10 p.m. Syfy — Desperate for money, the Raza crew follow Nyx's lead on an op, only to discover that their target is a personal one.

"Outcast " 10 p.m. Cinemax — Kyle goes looking for Allison; Megan gets shocking news; and Anderson turns a bad situation into a worse one.


"Sorority Nightmare" 8 p.m. Saturday Lifetime — In an attempt to cope with her sister's death, Sarah joins a sorority. However, as her new 'sisters' begin to manipulate her, she becomes trapped in their devious plans and has to fight to maintain her innocence

"2 Lava 2 Lantula" 9 p.m. Saturday Syfy  — Colton West walks off the set of his latest blockbuster movie to save his stepdaughter and the rest of Florida from the fiery havoc a newly awakened nest of lavalantulas are wreaking in the Sunshine State.

"Power " 9 p.m. Sunday Starz — As the opportunity to expand the clubs evolves, Ghost is spread even thinner between Angela, the kids, business, and Tommy.

"The Night Of " 9 p.m. Sunday HBO — Detective Box pieces together Naz's whereabouts on the night of the murder.

"Ray Donovan " 9 p.m. Sunday Showtime— Searching for a way to get Mickey out of prison, Ray turns to an old opponent to secure a bartering chip in the form of a less-than-wholesome family comedy star.

"Roadies " 10 p.m. Sunday Showtime — Bill, Reg and Phil set off on a quest to retrieve Christopher's stolen iPad.

"Survivor's Remorse " 10 p.m. Sunday Starz — A scandal erupts after Cam's words during an interview are taken out of context, leading to the creation of the Calloway Philanthropic Trust.

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