Atlantan Dolvett Quince responds to 'Biggest Loser' winner controversy

Atlanta fitness guru Dolvett Quince trained NBC's "The Biggest Loser" winner Rachel Frederickson, who entered the competition at 260 pounds but lost nearly 60 percent of her body weight and ended the show a jaw-dropping 105 pounds.

That was the biggest percentage reduction in the show's 15 seasons.

Immediately, social media buzzed about whether she had actually gotten too thin. Defenders said she was trying to win $250,000 and will beef up a bit over time. Others complained that the complaints prove women can't win. First, she's too fat. Then she's too skinny. Plus, supporters noted she was a competitive swimmer and athlete and understands her own body.

Quince was silent on the topic until yesterday afternoon and he chose Facebook to respond, though he only addresses the issues vaguely:

Last night's Biggest Loser Finale has sparked a huge reaction and I do not want the day to end without addressing it. Biggest Loser is a journey which has its ups and downs. Please try not to look at one slice of Rachel's journey and come to broad conclusions. Rachel's health is and always has been my main concern and her journey to good health has not yet ended!!

What did she do to lose all that extra weight in the final weeks? We are not clear.

The other two trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, who looked aghast on air at her weight transformation (arguably not in a good way), both declined to comment after the fact.