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Are Joseline & Stevie J getting married for real? Highlights from 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season 6, ep 13

This was posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 by Rodney Ho/ on his AJC Radio & TV Talk blog

Last night on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," Joseline Hernandez's hot-and-cold relationship with Stevie J was almost warm now that they have a daughter together. In a forgiving mood, she offered up rings - conditionally.

Yes, she said she was willing to get married to him - for real - as opposed to the fake one they had for ages.

More surprisingly, Joseline was even willing to have him manage her again and help her with her music - just like the old days. This is a complete 180 from previous comments, which is par for the course with her mercurial ways.

But Stevie J didn't exactly jump at her offer.

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First up, there's Mimi Faust, his ex, who does not want their daughter Eva anywhere near Joseline. When she found out from Eva that she was even in the vicinity of Joseline while she was in Jamaica, she cut out early and considered a restraining order. (She eventually placed one.)

She angrily told Stevie J that Joseline is off limits to their daughter and she will go to court if need be.

Unbeknowist to Mimi, Stevie had asked Joseline to move in with him. Thank goodness, he said in retrospect, that she had said no.

Stevie J responded to the rings by recoiling. He told her he had to deal with a few things first. He also wanted Joseline  to apologize to his two older daughters Savannah and Sade.

Neither of those daughters particularly like Joseline, especially after she threw crap at them on Instagram.

Stevie J brought his older daughters in a room with Joseline to try to achieve a detente. Joseline apologized but as usual, she couldn't help herself: she kept deflecting and blaming others, then painting herself the victim. She noted an abortion she had with Stevie J before Bella showed up. She began crying. This triggered Savannah, who said Joseline was making it about her again, got angry and walked away. Stevie looked genuinely pained by this strife.

Earlier, Joseline also demanded that Stevie J drop Esterita, the "Panamian Princess," from his management if she were to work with him again. For her, there's only one Latina in Stevie J's house.

He hemmed and hawed, saying there were contractual issues. She told him to make it happen. Future conflict guaranteed.

Now that a couple of months have passed since they shot those scenes, it's clear conflict is the norm. Joseline continues to throw social media bombs at Stevie J, including on Father's Day alleging drug use and “pimping.”


Other story lines:

Esterita vs. Karlie Redd: Karlie met up with Esterita yet again. Esterita explained plainly why she got a bad feeling about Karlie the minute Karlie found out Esterita had signed with Stevie J. Karlie's tendency is to be "messy" by getting in everyone's business. Joseline told her to stay out of her issues. Karlie's instincts caused her to act weird toward Esterita. While Esterita told her that Karlie should not be getting in the middle of something that is none of her business (true that), Karlie inexplicably exploded and threw a vegetable plate on Esterita. Absurd. And oh so Karlie.

Logan vs. Rodney: Logan thinks Jasmine's kid might be his, not Kirk's. He claimed they had smashed in the time frame where the child is his and his name is the same as Logan's dad. Jasmine had said she hadn't dealt with Logan since high school but she had lied. Rodney got angry when he found out they had been connecting even while she and Rodney were together. He had a good reason to be upset with Jasmine about that.

Next week: Jessica Dime confronts Tommie Lee yet again. And the whole Kirk Frost/Rasheeda/Jasmine/Logan/Rodney story line comes to a head when Kirk finds out whether Jasmine's child is his or not. Yes, they dragged that out, didn't they?

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