These are the Georgians headed to RNC meeting in Cleveland

On Saturday, Georgian Republicans tapped 42 men and women who will help select their party's nominee for president in what is shaping up as the first open GOP convention in four decades. Another 31 at-large delegates will be picked at the state GOP convention in June. Three are permanent RNC delegates, including one spot up for grabs.

(Catch up on the fight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for delegates at district conventions here.)

Even the sunniest projections from Donald Trump supporters estimated that he landed only about a dozen of the 42 delegates who he can count on to stick with him through multiple ballots at a contested convention. Supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz, who finished third in the primary, said they put supporters in 32 delegate slots.

Below is what we know so far about the people heading to Cleveland, and whom they might support after the first ballot -- if no candidate claims a majority. This is an evolving process. We will keep this page updated over the next few months as more delegates are named and we learn more about them.

Please let us know in the comments or by email if you are one of these folks, have additional information or have spotted them in a smoke-filled room somewhere.

RNC Delegates -- bound proportionally on first ballot, but not beyond

  • State Chairman John Padgett
  • National Committeeman Randy Evans
  • National Committeewoman Linda Herren

First District (Donald Trump has two delegates on first ballot, Ted Cruz has one)

Social media traffic from both camps indicated the First's delegate slate is entirely pro-Cruz.

Second District (Trump two, Cruz one)

  • Joseph Brannan, of Columbus, the district chairman
  • Brandon Phillips, of Whigham, Trump's top paid operative in Georgia
  • Alec Poitevint, of Bainbridge, a former Georgia GOP chairman, longtime party insider, close ally of Sen. David Perdue and former Gov. Sonny Perdue

Phillips is obviously expected to stay loyal to Trump, and Brannan said in an email that after the first ballot he and Poitevint agreed to flip a coin to decide which one would support Trump or Cruz: "the point being, we agree to respect the will of the District voters barring some grand compromise."

Third District (Trump two, Cruz one)

All three were part of a Cruz-approved slate, and all three confirmed to ABC News that they would vote for Cruz on a second ballot.

Fourth District (Trump two, Marco Rubio one)

  • Rachel Little, of Gwinnett County, district chairman, a Georgia co-chair for Cruz
  • Robert Siegel, of DeKalb County
  • Michael Howington, of Rockdale County

Trump's national delegate director told us one of the Fourth District delegates is on Team Trump.

Fifth District (Rubio two, Trump one)

Bush said in an email that Baker will back Cruz on the second ballot. He added: "my district, of which I am chair, voted for Marco Rubio, and I am assigned to vote for Marco Rubio. Out of respect for my district, I will wait to see the status of Sen. Rubio's campaign before committing to vote for another candidate."

Sixth District (Rubio two, Trump one)

  • Michael Fitzgerald, district chairman, did not say who he would support on the second ballot, but he is not in the Trump camp
  • Donna Rowe, said in an interview she would back Cruz on the second ballot
  • Bruce Levell, an outspoken Trump fan helping to lead his minority outreach efforts

Seventh District (Trump two, Rubio one)

  • B.J. Van Gundy, former Georgia GOP vice chair
  • Carolyn Fisher, longtime GOP volunteer
  • David Hancock, head of the United Tea Party of Georgia

This was the convention with all the theatrics when pro-Trump activist and tea party leader Debbie Dooley was denied a slot. None of the three delegates are Trump loyalists.

Eighth District (Trump two, Cruz one)

District chairman Vance Dean and the Georgia GOP declined to release the names of the delegates, but Dean said via email that the convention chose two "very dedicated" Trump delegates and a third who is just as committed to Cruz. "That's exactly as the primary votes required and reflect[s] the will of the voters in the 8th district."

GAPundit Todd Rehm reports the delegates are:

Ninth District (Trump two, Cruz one)

10th District (Trump two, Cruz one)

11th District (Trump two, Rubio one)

  • Bob Barr, former U.S. Rep. and Libertarian presidential candidate, has been campaigning for Cruz across the country
  • Scott Johnson, former Cobb County GOP chairman and leader of Cruz's grassroots organization in the 11th district
  • Brad Carver, district chairman, officially neutral

12th District (Trump two, Cruz one)

  • Brittany Dasher, of Effingham County
  • Chris Papierz, of Coffee County
  • Michael Welsh, of Columbia County, the district chairman

We're told Welsh and Dasher are Cruz supporters, though Welsh said as the district chair he is officially neutral.

13th District (Trump two, Cruz one)

  • Robert Booth, of Cobb County
  • Pam Glanton from Cobb County
  • Ron Moon from Henry County

A source in the 13th tells us: "The three delegates are Cruz supporters. They had Cruz stickers, pins, or were from the Cruz slate."

14th District (Trump two, Cruz one)

We are told that Guldenschuh is a committed Trump backer.

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