Pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA to start Georgia television campaign

Even though Hillary Clinton's campaign has not signaled an effort to boost her efforts in Georgia, it doesn't mean her friends won't.

Priorities USA, the pro-Clinton Super PAC, will launch a television and radio campaign on her behalf here Thursday.

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Guy Cecil, co-founder of Priorities USA, announced the news on Twitter this evening.

No additional details, such as the size of the ad buy, were immediately available.

"This obviously marks an expansion of the map for Hillary," Justin Barasky, communications director for the political action group, said this evening. "We’ve always said our top priority is to win as many places as possible and obviously there’s an opportunity in Georgia."

Cecil said on Twitter that the PAC will also be expanding its efforts in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania to target incumbent Republican U.S. senators by tying them to Donald Trump.