NRSC spends $1.45 million on Georgia TV in final weeks

The National Republican Senatorial Committee will be back on the air in Georgia on Tuesday, with $1.45 million worth of broadcast and cable television ads throughout the state for the final three weeks of the race.

Georgia was the first place the NRSC went on the air back in August bashing Democrat Michelle Nunn (screenshot above) while Republican David Perdue replenished his campaign accounts. Now Georgia is part of the national party's closing blitz.

"This is an effort to continue what we started in Atlanta and now we are going to take it statewide,” Ron Bonjean, a consultant to the NRSC's independent expenditure committee, wrote in an email.

Combined with Ending Spending Action Fund's $2 million closing ante, Perdue is getting considerable outside ammunition for the final weeks of a tight race. A report provided by a person tracking the ad buys in Georgia shows the NRSC ads air around the state but avoid Atlanta next week before hitting the metro area in the final two weeks. Ending Spending is advertising across the state for the next two weeks.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's independent expenditure unit, meanwhile, has yet to spend anything on television in Georgia, and a spokesman would not reveal whether there are plans to do so.

UPDATE Saturday, 4 p.m. -- The DSCC points out that it has spent $1.5 million on field operations and TV ads in Georgia so far this year in coordination with the Nunn campaign.

Here's the full flight of buys the NRSC put in Friday:

Alaska--$1.0 million

Colorado--$1.5 million

Iowa--$1.25 million

Georgia--$1.45 million

South Dakota--$1.0 million

New Hampshire--$1.2 million