Jimmy Carter makes fund raising plea for Hillary Clinton

Former President Jimmy Carter is taking on a more public role in Hillary Clinton's campaign for the White House.

Clinton supporters across the country this morning were greeted by an email from the former Georgia governor asking them to pitch in to help elect Clinton in November. And Carter wrote that he had a personal reason for asking:

"During my 1976 presidential run, a young woman moved to Indianapolis to help turn out the Indiana vote for me. Forty years later, I will proudly cast my vote for that same woman to be the next President of the United States."

Carter's ask was small. He implored each supporter to donate $8 to help Clinton meet a $10 million goal before the next campaign finance reporting period ends Wednesday night.

The request for donations comes a week after Carter lumped Clinton and Donald Trump together in a not-so-positive way.

“It’s been an exciting and unprecedented kind of campaign this year, and unfortunately, the way it’s turned out, both choices in the major parties are quite unpopular,” Carter told The Associated Press in Memphis. “But I don’t have any doubt that one of the candidates is better qualified than the other.”

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