Jack Kingston: 'It is going to be a late night. ... We will prevail.'

As Rep. Jack Kingston took the stage to thank a couple hundred supporters in Midtown, a large screen projecting election results showed him with a lead of less than one percentage point over rival David Perdue.

"It is going to be a late night," he said. "So for those of you who are interested, there is a Starbucks across the street."

Kingston still projected confidence in the outcome.

"I am confident that at the end of the night, when that last vote is counted, that we will prevail," Kingston said.

He got a little nostalgic -- and threw a jab at Perdue -- when talking about his 22-year congressional career.

"My opponent thinks maybe that's a bad thing, but I tell you serving the people of Georgia and talking to them and trying to solve problems, it is a great honor. Those two words, public and servant, are very important to our country, our national fiber. And having an opportunity to be a public servant is a really great thing."

Kingston was introduced by former U.S. Sen. Mack Mattingly and handed off to Karen Handel, the third place primary finisher and Kingston's near-constant companion on the trail in the last few days.

Handel told us earlier that she was not too keen with the idea being floated lately by Republicans to get rid of Georgia's runoff system:

"Do we really want our nominee to be someone who won 30 percent of the vote?"