Hillary Clinton nixes September visit to Atlanta

Hillary Clinton has canceled a planned appearance in Atlanta on Sept. 17, according to a campaign official who said the former Secretary of State now has an unspecified scheduling conflict that day.

The Clinton campaign said it "is actively working to reschedule" the visit. Clinton had previously visited Atlanta for a closed-door fundraising trip in May, though this had been billed as both a fundraiser and open campaign event -- a show of Clinton's long game beyond the early-primary states where she has focused much of her time.

Republican hopefuls have swarmed Georgia, as they expect a drawn-out slog in which March 1 primaries play a big role. But the Democratic presidential candidates have not been through except for Clinton's fundraiser and maybe-candidate Joe Biden's synagogue speech last night.

Clinton retains strong financial and establishment backing among Georgia Democrats, despite the ongoing email scandal and enthusiasm and rising poll numbers from the Bernie Sanders campaign.