Georgia Democrats: 'We're confident' state will turn blue in November

Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Director Rebecca DeHart did not have an answer for the most vexing political question of the week on Wednesday when she appeared on CNN. We've embedded the video below.

That question, of course, is how much money the Hillary Clinton campaign is sending DeHart's way. CNN made it's prediction in the screengrab above, but whether the Democratic presidential nominee is sending "big money" to the state remains to be seen.

The whole world now knows Clinton is investing some amount here, and in Arizona, but DeHart told the cable network that no number has been verified.

Instead, DeHart said she and her colleagues are focused on U.S. Sen. Cory Booker's visit to the state this weekend, the state party's efforts to open satellite offices around the state and to mobilize the 30 staffers she said they've hired in the past two months.

DeHart referenced Booker, the popular New Jersey senator, when asked when Clinton herself would be campaigning in Georgia. (Booker will be here for a fund raiser.) Asked again if there were plans for Clinton to make an appearance in the state, DeHart said "not that I'm aware of in the next couple weeks."

But DeHart made the party's case that Georgia is now firmly part of the national political battleground. CNN played a clip of former U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, guffawing at the idea. In it, the Donald Trump surrogate said he was "laughing at this in the back room."

Said DeHart: "I'm OK if they want to continue to think that all the way to November. The polls have shown time and time again that not only is Georgia in play, but Clinton is leading.

"In the past eight years we've done nothing more than trend toward a more Democrat electorate. We feel very confident we'll be able to bring this home for Hillary Clinton in November."

DPG Executive Director Rebecca DeHart on CNN from Georgia Democrat on Vimeo.