Donald Trump: Atlanta was 'devastated' by his RedState ban

Billionaire Donald Trump was a no-show Saturday night in Atlanta after he was barred from speaking to close out the RedState gathering of conservative activists.

So today the Republican presidential candidate called into the Sunday morning talk shows to say that his remarks about Fox News host Megyn Kelly were misinterpreted and to respond in his typical bombastic style to his attackers.

Trump seized upon reports of dissatisfaction among some of his backers at his RedState ban, and once again went after WSB-Radio host Erick Erickson. Here's what Trump told Jake Tapper on CNN's State of the Union:

"Erick Erickson, I hear, folks -- look, he has such a spotty record. Have you seen what he said about women and other things over the years? I have -- I have seen things that he said where he was admonished. But look at what this guy said.

"The guy's a loser. He's backed so many candidates that have lost. And I -- frankly, I didn't want to do his event in the first place. But somebody said, oh, you -- you know what? It was even a small event. And tell me, what happened at his event when I didn't show up? Do you know the unrest and do you know how -- how devastated people were when I didn't go there?

Trump maintained that he was not talking about menstruation when he said of Kelly "there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” when she questioned him at Thursday's GOP debate. Trump claims "wherever" meant Kelly's nose, and had nothing to do with her being on her period. As he told Tapper:

"Only a deviant would say that what I said was what they were referring to, because nobody can make that statement. You almost have to be sick to sort of put that together, I think."

Trump also shot back at Jeb Bush for saying that he should apologize:

"Jeb Bush comes up and he says, I don't like Donald Trump's tone. Well, we need a tougher tone in this country, and we need a lot more enthusiasm, because these people don't have any energy. There's no energy. 

"We need to bring our country back, make our country great again. Our country is going down into the ground. We're really getting decimated on trade deals, everything we do.  The Iran deal is so bad. 

"We have people that are incompetent running our country, and we have to bring it back.  And you can't do that by nice low-key tone, like Jeb Bush. He's got no energy. I mean, the man has no energy. And then he gets up and criticizes me over the weekend about something that I didn't even say."

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