Donald Trump in Atlanta: 'I'm a better person than the people I'm running against.'

Credit: Greg Bluestein

Credit: Greg Bluestein

Donald Trump vowed Sunday to destroy a Washington establishment already in tatters after his dominant victory in South Carolina, and told an Atlanta crowd of more than 6,000 that he was poised to ride an insurgent wave that he said will sweep him to victory in Nevada on Tuesday and Georgia and other states that cast ballots on March 1.

The billionaire’s commanding victory on Saturday in next-door South Carolina forced his fiercest detractor, Jeb Bush, out of the race and raised fresh questions whether any mainstream candidate can emerge to win the nomination from Trump.

“We won with everything. We won with women – I love the women. We won with men. I’d rather win with women, to be honest with you. We won with evangelicals. We won with the military,” he said, relishing his performance. “Tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. We won. It was a beautiful day.”

He added: “You want to know something? I’m a better person than the people I’m running against.”

Trump is heading into the next round of a votes with a full head of steam. He finished second in Iowa’s caucus, with its largely evangelical GOP voter base, and cruised to big victories in moderate New Hampshire and culturally conservative South Carolina.

With about a quarter of the delegates needed to win the GOP nomination up for grabs in the March 1 primary featuring Georgia, Texas and a sweep of other states, the billionaire developer faces new challenges and an evolving two-front battle.