Cheers, tears and jeers greet Donald Trump after clinching GOP nomination

Donald Trump officially won enough delegates this week to clinch the Republican nomination for president, leading to an outpouring on social media.

Let's start with our Cox partner Jamie Dupree:

Newt Gingrich, the former Georgia congressman, U.S. House speaker and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, tweeted that the Trump phenomenon rolls on.

And this:

Gingrich and Trump, of course, have developed a mutual appreciation that has led to speculation that Gingrich could be Trump's vice-presidential pick.

Not everyone was celebrating, however. Charlie Harper, noted Georgia Republican activist, writer and publisher, suggested one way to deal with the news.

Georgia Democrats were salivating at the news. The party has long argued that a lack of GOP enthusiasm for Trump will hurt down-ticket candidates - and boost Hillary Clinton's chances for winning Georgia.

"Georgia is the next state to turn blue," party chair DuBose Porter said. "If we do the work we ought to do, we'll turn Georgia blue for Hillary Clinton. We're excited about that, and our job is to make sure we fulfill that opportunity and that promise."

Trump's achievement was not even trending on Atlanta Twitter. But the billionaire was still playing strong here - for other reasons. The sudden idea of a Trump-Bernie Sanders debate is burning up the interwebs.

Trump told ABC's Jimmy Kimmel he'd debate Sanders if it helped raise money for a charity. Sanders quickly agreed.

The very idea led to internet gold, such as this .gif from Nu Wexler, a former Democratic aide who now works for Twitter.