UGA apologizes for providing Ludacris with alcohol and condoms

Thanks to sports fans -- who have been known to drink a beer or two -- college football makes a lot of money.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A fan holds up the beverage of choice before the game Saturday afternoon November 2, 2002 in front of a UGA fan bus. Fans came to the stadium several hours before the game to enjoy the festivities known as the 'biggest outdoor cocktail party.' (Rich Addicks/AJC Staff)

Credit: George Mathis

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Credit: George Mathis

UGA athletics, powered mostly by football, pulled down more than $100 million during the 2014-2015 school year.

The coaches are paid well. The highest-paid state employee in 40 states is a college football or basketball coach.

Sports bars keep the cash registers humming during college football season.

Musical entertainers cash in too. Rapper Ludacris, from College Park, was paid $65,000 for a 15-minute performance before a UGA spring scrimmage, according to a contract obtained by The Macon Telegraph.

UGA athletic director Greg McGarity has apologized for the contract , but it wasn't the $4,333-a-minute fee that got people talking, it was the "Money Maker" rapper's list of demands .

Aside from the usual snacks, UGA also provided the performer with six bottles of liquor, two bottles of wine and a box of large condoms.

"Few things in my professional life have bothered me more than this situation," said McGarity, who seems to have mentally blocked out the 2015 Florida loss.

The list of demands met by UGA.

Credit: George Mathis

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Credit: George Mathis

McGarity said he got complaints from "all over the map" but it probably just a map of UGA donors' homes.

Should UGA apologize for supplying liquor and condoms to a musical performer?

Alcohol isn't sold at UGA games, but it is served in suites at Sanford Stadium. When UGA plays in other venues, such as the Sept. 3 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game against North Carolina in the Georgia Dome, suds will be flowing.

For decades, UGA has participated in the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," aka the Georgia-Florida football game in Jacksonville. Booze isn't sold at EverBank Field during the game, but sports fans are All-Stars at flask hide-and-seek.

The NCAA allows alcohol sales at the baseball and softball College World Series in the general seating areas.

Florida colleges will begin serving alcohol this year. The Gators, for example, will sell to those who purchase "premium" seating.

Will UGA fans ever be able to legally drink between the hedges?

"We have not gone down that route," said McGarity in March . "Who knows what will happen as far as revenue opportunities?"

Translation: We'll see beer being sold at UGA games sooner than condoms.

Maybe the extra cash could be used to not pay players.