Survey: Christians the majority on cheating website

Cheating: It's not just for humans.

Credit: George Mathis

Credit: George Mathis

Cheating: It's not just for humans.

As anyone who has passed Go and also gave themselves $200 will tell you, cheating is part of human nature.

It's part of animal nature too, according to this video of a sea lion stealing a giant fish .

Cheating to crush your siblings in Monopoly or feed yourself is not really cheating compared to sleeping around on your husband or wife.

Lust, after all, one of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Bible says "thou shall not commit adultery."

According to a new survey, however, those who identify as Christians are the most frequent users of a Ashley Madison, a website that openly encourages husbands and wives to have an affair.

The New York Daily News has a version of the story you can read without actually getting in trouble if your wife checks your browser history.

Here's the breakdown of those with and without faith who are not faithful:

  • Evangelical: 25.1 percent
  • Catholic: 22.75 percent
  • Protestant: 22.7 percent
  • Agnostic: 2 percent
  • Mormon: 1.6 percent
  • Muslim: 1.5 percent
  • Jewish: 1.4 percent
  • Atheist: 1.4 percent
  • Jehovah's Witness: 0.5 percent
  • Hindu: 0.3 percent

Hmmmm ... good thing I married a Jewish woman.

The above indicates about 73 percent of Ashley Madison users identify themselves as Christians. In the U.S., Gallup says about 77 percent identify themselves as Christians.

The survey quizzed 63,000 adults using the Ashley Madison website and found 24 percent of men and 32 percent of women pray regularly. Eighteen percent of male respondents and 11 percent of females consider cheating to be a sin.

Can we believe a website that openly mocks marriage? Probably not. I'd be willing to bet quite a few of those taking the survey cheated when they selected their religion.

You can't trust some people with anything.

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