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Social worker forced sex to not take kids, lawsuit says

A lot of people don't know this, but my first "real" job was as a part-time social worker.

It's a low-paying, difficult job that constantly exposes you to human misery.

In Alabama, a former Department of Human Resources worker is accused of adding to that misery.

Brandon Howard Daniel, 29, is accused in a lawsuit of forcing a mother to have sex under threat of having her children seized, reports

Daniel, 29, a former Birmingham police officer , was arrested last August and criminally charged with soliciting for the purpose of influencing official action, indecent exposure, harassment and theft of property. He is currently out on a $40,000 bond.

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The lawsuit alleges Daniel, in August 2013, threatened to take children from a home before demanding the mother give "something in return for not taking her kids." He then forced her to perform sexual acts, the woman claims in the lawsuit.

Daniel had worked as a social worker in Shelby County for six months before his arrest.

The unnamed woman seeks unspecified punitive damages from Daniel, who probably doesn't have a lot of money, and his supervisors, who probably don't have much money either. Curiously, Shelby County, which does have money, is not named in the lawsuit.

In a 2013 story , Fox News reports the victim is Hispanic with limited English-speaking skills.

Daniel was indicted on criminal charges in January. Daniel pleaded not guilty to all charges in April.

An ABC News story about the indictment says Daniel is also accused of stealing a pillow case from the woman's home.

Why steal a pillow case? Not to be gross, but perhaps he was removing DNA from the scene?

Maybe we'll find out if this goes to trial later this year.

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