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Pilot congratulates passengers for drinking every drop of alcohol

'Tis the season many people take their only flight of the year.

Loren Elliott/The Tampa Bay Times via AP

While boarding the plane, many troubling thoughts can flit through the mind.

  • Has this jet been serviced lately?
  • Will I be seated 'twixt two jumbo humans with hygiene problems?
  • Are these new Apple earphones going to have the volume required to drown out a chorus of crying babies?
  • Is Granny going to give me another ugly sweater?

One scenario I've never considered came horribly true recently when a commercial airline ran out of alcohol.

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Football fans aboard a Southwest flight from Oakland, Calif., to Kansas City (Kansas or Missouri, wherever they have an NFL team) needed only 3 hours and 20 minutes to quaff every beer and tiny bottle of liquor aboard, reports The Telegraph .

The pilot, clearly descended from pirate stock, congratulated the Raider minions on their achievement, said sports journalist Jimmy Durkin on Twitter .

"Announcement on flight to Kansas City congratulates the entire aircraft for wiping them completely out of booze. Yep, it's a Raiders flight," Durkin typed on a tiny keyboard Dec. 7.

The party didn't last much longer. The Raiders were humbled by the Chiefs 21-13 in the NFL's Thursday night game.

Hopefully Southwest restocked the bar for the return flight.




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