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Motorcycle stolen moments after fatal crash

What will be the last thing you see before you die?

Hopefully, it will be something nice like a loved one holding your hand or the Braves winning the World Series.

For a Detroit motorcyclist who died after striking a car at high speed, his last vision may have been of someone stealing his ride.

Channel 4 in Detroit has video of the crash involving a car turning left in front of a speeding motorcycle.

After impact, the motorcycle and its driver slid about a block down the street, the reporter says. Within minutes, someone hopped on the motorcycle and rode away.

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The thief left the motorcycle owner "dying in the street," the reporter said.

What could possibly make this story worse?

According to Channel 2, the 22-year-old victim's girlfriend and cousin  "took off with the motorcycle and his belongings."

What could compel a girlfriend to abandon her dying boyfriend before police and an ambulance arrive?

I will let you draw your own conclusions.

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