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$12 million lottery winner keeps snow plow job

I buy a lottery ticket every week. Recently, the woman who sells them to me said, "You never give up!"

"I call it marriage insurance," I said. "Because winning the lottery is the only way my wife is going to stick this thing out."

It was a joke, I think.

The real reason people buy lottery tickets is to get so rich they can quit working, enjoy life and maybe start saying exactly what they think.

But $12 million lottery winner Joe Meath, from Minnesota, is cut from a different cloth. Instead of plowing through cash he's plowing through snow, reports Fox News in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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Meath, who drives a Chevy pickup with 300,000 miles on it, promised he would clear snow before his big win two months ago. With snow already hitting Minnesota and other northern U.S. states, he's keeping his promise to clear roads and driveways.

"I don't know what I'd be doing if I wasn't doing this today," Meath told Fox News. "It's been fun doing what we've done with the money. We bought another house, we bought a motor home, but other than that, it's been difficult with trying to figure out what to do with the money."

He needs ideas?

With only six states in the U.S. not expecting snow in the next week , maybe he should invest in a fleet of snow plows driven by other people so he can sip whiskey and count money near a fireplace?

Or, if he wants to move south, he can be a silent partner in Mathis Beachside Hammock and Lemonade Testing Services. I had to shelve that idea after someone who is not me won the Mega Millions -- again.

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