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Kidnapper's dog turns on him; woman escapes

Almost everyone agrees dogs are better than cats. Or at least at my house.

The latest evidence comes from New Mexico , where a woman was able to escape being held against her will when her kidnapper's dog did the right thing and attacked his owner.

The alleged victim said Gabriel Garcia, a man she met at a party, somehow ended up with her cars keys. He later contacted the woman and invited her over to his place to get the keys.

Once in his home, he offered her alcohol, but, when she said she just wanted the keys and a ride to her car, he refused and made unwanted sexual advances.

The woman said she tried to call 911 but Garcia pushed her down a flight of stairs and ordered his pit bull to attack.

The dog, being smarter than its owner, attacked Garcia.

Unfortunately, Garcia was able to fend off the animal and dragged the woman to a bedroom where he threatened to kill her with a rifle.

Garcia's dad finally came home and the woman was able to call 911.

Garcia was treated for a dog bite on his upper arm before being charged with second-degree kidnapping, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

There's no info on the dog's condition, but I hope he finds a better human.

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