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Google pays woman for Street View cleavage

Cleavage is everywhere.

Movies, TV shows, magazine covers, advertisements and many other mediums commonly feature ample samples of the feminine form.

Google is everywhere too. Recently, the two ubiquitous forces met in a Canadian lawsuit and the search giant was ordered to pay $2,250 for showing a revealing picture of a woman on Street View.

Maria Pia Grillo, of Montreal, filed a lawsuit claiming $45,000 in emotional damages after she saw Google's Street View picture of her 'hood. In the image, Grillo is sitting on the stoop of her home. She's wearing a low-cut top and it looks like she may be Googling "how to get rich quick" on her smartphone.

Also visible in the original image was her car's license plate. has the photos.

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Grillo, in the lawsuit, said Google owed her $15,000 for being mocked and sexual comments, $15,000 for loss of dignity and privacy, and $15,000 as a nuisance charge.

A judge ruled Google owed Grillo $2,250 plus $159 in court costs and said the photo had to be blurred.

I'm not sure what Google pays lawyers, but they probably just paid the woman to go away.

Before you rush out and start posing on your porch for car-mounted cameras, be warned that U.S. law allows pictures to be taken from a public place, such as a street or sidewalk, as long as the photographer isn't zooming into a bedroom window or otherwise not using common sense.

But don't let that stop you. There's gold in them thar search engines.

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