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Germany tops U.S. as world's favorite country

Despite not having a beach south of Poland, Germany has somehow toppled the U.S. as the world's favorite country, according to a potentially-biased survey by German marketing company Gfk.

There's a lot to like about Germany if you can forget their cheating World Cup team.

Berlin is interesting, and Munich, Cologne and Dusseldorf and almost every other city has awesome beer.

There's great skiing, if you can figure that out.

They practically invented classical music, but I think Lois Reitzes is the only person that actually listens to it.

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The subways don't smell bad and they've not bombed anyone in ages.

Vienna is really nice, but it is actually in Austria.

And let's not forget Americans' favorite foods, the hot dog and hamburger, are inexorably linked to German places (Frankfurt and Hamburg).

But then you have the U.S., which has never started and lost a World War, much less two of them, and has hundreds of beaches warm enough for bikinis.

We also have the world's best universities, rock-n-roll, baseball, real football, two Disney theme parks and we invented the Internet.

For a long time we had terrible beer, but lately we are whipping them at their own game.

According to Gfk, 20,000 respondents in 20 countries were asked to rank their favorite countries. The Top 10 remained the same except for Germany and the U.S. switching the top positions.

The remaining top countries, in order, were United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden.

Russia, which has been busy rolling tanks into Ukraine and threatening to cut off Europe's heat, was passed by Argentina, China and Singapore to end up in 25th place. Take that Putin.

The U.S. scored well generally, but was "harshly judged" by Middle East residents, a German newspaper writes.

I can accept that.

If the game is rigged and you still come in second out of 50, you're doing well.

Be proud America!

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