Usher sells home 1.7 miles from Atlantic Station for $775,000

Originally posted Friday, April 26, 2019 by RODNEY HO/ on Melissa Ruggieri’s AJC Music Scene blog

Atlanta R&B legend Usher recently unloaded a house he owned less than two miles from Atlantic Station, according to TMZ.

The three-bedroom, three-bath home, built in 2001 at 723 Atone Street in Berkeley Park, sold on April 17 for $775,000, Zillow reports. Its square footage: 2,908.

Usher purchased the home during the frothiest part of the 2000’s real estate boom for $970,000 in June, 2007.

He tried to unload it in late 2017 for $999,900. It sat for a year with no sale. In early 2019, he dropped it slightly to $989,900. Then suddenly in February, the price fell to $839,000. The unnamed buyer ultimately purchased it for $775,000 so Usher took a major loss. In fact, it was a bargain if you take Zillow’s estimates seriously: as of this writing, it’s at $884,734.

When the house went on sale in 2017, Atlanta Curbed was nothing if not complimentary of its aesthetic:

Overflowing with provocative artwork and stylish furnishings, this house underwent a total renovation at some point, with serious dough obviously sunk into updates that include a home theater, high-tech security and home automation, and a rather gorgeous kitchen that manages to seem both SOHO chic and family friendly.

Here are some photos of the home when it was staged for sale:

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Fulton County records show the owner to be something called "Me & U LLC" out of Encino, Calif. but that's probably connected to Usher.

Usher also had to drop the price of his much larger Johns Creek mansion last year. He put it on sale in 2017 for $2.48 million but the price fell numerous times before a buyer ultimately purchased it for $1.5 million in 2018. He first purchased the home in 1999 from L.A. Reid for $1.2 million.